A Dream.
My Dream.
Come , come to me today
Come into my dreams
Dressed in a knight's armour
Riding on a black horse
With a garland of roses
And a bouquet of flowers
Sweep me off my feet
Hold me close to you
Look deep into my eyes
Give a breathtaking kiss
Put me in front of you
And ride along fast
Into the darkness
Flying in the air
Till we reach the moon.
You came to me
As a dream
In my loneliness.

I woke up
To see you
standing near me
holding my hand
soothing my soul
giving me solace.

You came to me
As a friend
In my loneliness.
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My dream
Your dream
Fill it
With same colours.

My Life
Your Life
Sketch it
With the same stories.

My Love
Your Love
Knead it
With the same passions.
Emotion: smile that was good. Thats how you know when it is a good dream for any another dream you will have.
Thanks tigger. Welcome to the forum. Well, some more dreams will follow very soon...
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A beautiful dove
In the hands of love
In the misty morning
Or a chilly evening
On the clouds walking
Whispering or talking
The fragrances of beauty
The singing deity
All in colours true
Or was it the sky’s blue
A dream in a dream be
Or is it passion’s cue
I dreamt a dream
With you in it
Flying with the wings of passion
Soaring the blue skies above
Painting with colours of love
Spreading over the black clouds
Enchanting me with your affection
Surpassing the Eternal Time.
I dreamt a dream
With me in it.