Hello I am Jarl from denmark. I have just had a hard time with a english essay, and would like to have someone to correct it......... so please help me.

A boy And His Mother

Phillip walked home from scholl. He always did and he always did it alone. Phillip did not had any problems by walking alone, he actually liked thoese trips, because it made him think, made him think on strange worlds, the universe and spooling the time back. He had always liked the thought of spooling the time back, or making the time stop, so he was the only one there could do things, while anyone else just stot like stones. Phillip was 14 years old, he had long red hair he always sat up. He had blue eyes and white skin, his skin was actuelly so white, that some kids in the school called him for ”the ghost”.
The only thing Phillip did not like about the trip home was the ending. Phillip lived alone with his father. His mother had died when she gave birth to Phillip, and it seems that Phillips father had not lived a day since the day she died. He only answered Philips questions and never started a conversation whit anyone. He did not care about the time Phillip arrived and dit not care about the time he decided to sleep. Every day there was just 10 pounds for food to the whole day. It had ben that way sinch Phillip started at school. Before that time Phillip should always stay at home and Phillip´s father just ordered food over the phone.
Phillip had now walked to the front yard of his own house, it was a big house that for sure had been very pretty for a long time ago, now there was mud on the walls a broken window in the living room and all the plants in the garden were dead. For Phillip it had always been that way, but he could see on his father´s face, when he looked at the house, that it almost made him cry.
Phillip walked in the house. There was no light and wery dusty everywhere, he looked inside the living room and saw his father sitting in the same chair he had sit on when Phillip left the house earlier that day. The living room was full of pictures of Phillips mother, pictures of here and Phillips father kissing eachother. In all the pictures they looked so happy and so glad, they made fun with eachother and were in love. Even though everybody told him, that it was not his fault that his mom was dead, Phillip still thought it was. He would give the world for and answer from his mother because she was the only one who could tell him the true story in Philllips mind.
Phillip walked up to his room, on the way he thoght about, when the stairs last had been cleaned. Phillip´s room was painted in white, there was a chair and a bed which both looked like they had survived the first world war. The only thing Phillip used in the room was his beloved computer, all the other things was just things he had taken over from his father and really did not like. Phillip turned on his computer and tried to relax, suddenly a noisy sound came down from the living room, Phillip knewed it was the phone and walked down to take it. He answered the phone and a wery old
and dark voise asked ”am i talking to Phillip McDown”, Phillip quikly said yes, and the voice then started again, ”this is a link to your computer, remember it: Jake in Death” Phillip asked who the man was, but it was to late, he had already hung up, Phillip quickly wrote the link down, and ran up to his computer with the link. He asumed it was the internet he should write it in, so he did. On the homepage of the strange link, their was some kind of a village with a huge churth or temple in the middle.Phillip noticed that there was humans walking around the city and actuaely thought it was a pretty cool side. Suddenly a kind of munk in all white clothes was looking straight in the picture, he walked closer, Phillip noticed that the man was kindly looking at him. Now the man filled the hole screen and he tooke something out of his pocket, it was a peace of paper and it said that Phillip should press on the Temple. He did, and suddenly he feld an enormous pressur on his chest, his whole body got cold and he could not move a finger, the temple was getting bigger, and then it all turned black for phillips eyes.
Phillip stod in the middle of a very old street, he couldt not understand how he had ended there. All the persons were only half as long as himself and the shopsrooves were just a little higher than him, now he saw that he was in the city, that he did see on the computer. A man walked past him, and Phillip heard him saying that Phillip was not something you saw everyday. After a few more minutes Phillip saw the white munk that had brought him into this strange world, he decided to talk to him. Phillip walked towards him and decided to ask what this was for a place, and how he had ended there. Before he ever asked, the munk already answerd the questions, the munk said: ”Godday Phillip, when your pressed on the temple it leaded you to here, you are now in Halyother, and it is me that have brought you here, by the way my name is Girm”. Girm looked straight into Phillips eyes and then it all just turned black again.
Phillip woke up and established that he now was in a new room. He was now in a bed. The room was as cold as the outside on winther mornings, and there was mirrors on almost all the walls. Phillip stod out of his bed and shocked looked on one of the mirrors. Phillip had always just been normal of his building, phillips muscles were now so big and so tight that it looked like he had not done other things but working out the last 12 years. Phillip had wires all over his body and it looked like it was pumping things into him, Phillip actualy liked his new body he thought he looked like a superman or something. Now it knoked on the door and a lady came in. Phillip now remembered how high he was beacause the lady only was half as long as himself. The lady had elegantly lines, and some beutiful big blue eyes, she carriged a lots of clothes and phillip guested it was for him. She put it on the bed and it looked like she was taking courage to here self, then she asked with a
weary thin voice: ”Is its true that you are the human?” Phillip said that he guest he was but did not really know. Phillip quikly asked back, and asked why he was being so big and strong, the lady looked on Phillip and said ”all i know is that i shut take you over to Girm”. The lady took even more courage to her self and then gave Phillip a knife and then said: ”it is a present so you always will remember me”. Phillip quickly putt the clothes on and took the knife in his pocket . Phillip followed the little lady. They walked through a huge corridor with colorfull paintings on the walls, Phillip thourgt about the little lady, why had she gaved him this knife. they finally had walked to the end of the corridor and the lady said that Phillip should go in to Girm.
Phillip walk in to Girm, and he could feel that he was nervous and on the same time very curious after answers. Girm sat in a dark chair behind a desk, he looked like a very importent person, on the other end of the desk there was a another chair, Phillip walk over to it and sat down. Girm said: ” I suppose that you are looking for answers of a lots of things, but first you got to let me talk. I put you into this world because you are the only one there can save our Queen from the death, I hope you like your new body, it was important do you see, you have had the mind the whole time but your physics was not the best” Girm laughed a little and then tooke his serious face on again. ”Our Queen is traped in a palace 5 days away from here, you are the only one who can save here and you only got a short time to do it in, we will reward your greatly if you make it, Now you can ask me questions”. Girm said back in his chair and waited for questions. Phillip looked around in the room and then asked ”what do you mean by saying if i make it?”, Girm said cold ”the latst 13 persons who have tried to get to the palace has died” Phillip quikly answerd back ”then i do not want to do it”. Girm looked very disapointed, he was thinking of something and then he said with a wery serious voice: ”allright i should not tell you this before much later, but the Queen is your mother, and she have asked me to call you in to this world, because she wants to see you and make your biggest wish come true ” Phillip did not understand how his mother was ended here, but now there was no doubt in his mind, Phillip would give everything to talk with his mother, even his own live. Phillip said with a strong voice to Girm: ”I vill do everything for my mother, show me the way and I will go there” Girm looked happy and then just dissappeard, suddenly the whole room disappeard and then Phillip suddenly stood in the middle of a forest.
Phillip was almost getting used to those things Girm did every time they had talked with eachtother. Now there was a big problem in Phillips eyes, what should he do from here, and how did he know which way he should walk, Suddenly he heard a little voice talking to him, Phillip knew it was Girm and was just waiting for instructions. There just came a short message which said:
”Follow the yellow butterfly” Phillip looked around himself and lucky enough he saw the butterfly. He followed it and was surprised how fast it was. After a few more minutes Phillip was almost out of the forest, and the butterfly started to fly up in the sky, Phillip stod a couple of seconds and waited for new instructions from Girm. Suddenly a giant net flew over towards and cacht him, a man walked over to see his cacht and when Phillip looked closer, he saw a terrible thing, the person that just had cacht him looked completly identical to Phillip himself. Phillip was wery afraid and thought about if he should die like the 13 others persons Girm had told about. The person that had cacht him now tight the net that Phillip was in up in a three and then started to run out of the forest. Phillip was now desperate he tried to talk to Girm, but Girm did not answer.
Phillip had now ben hanging in the net for so long, that he couldt not feel his own legs. ”All hopes are gone” Phillip thought, and just tried to sleep. Suddenly he couldt here Girm talking to him, but now Girm had allmost an evil voice, Girm said: ”how trustfull can one person be, my plan is now secure and you will never got to talk to your mother, it toked a long time to make the copy of you, and even longer time to make out a plan so i could put you out of the game. In not long time from now your evil copy will visis your mother in here palace, and she will ofcourse close your copy in” Phillip couldt not understand how evil Girm had been and why he had trusted him. Phillip asked girm: ”Was it all a lie about my mother being trapped, and why did the clone not kill me” Girm laughed and then said: ”Do you remember the lines in your body? The one that was making you stronger, that was only poison there was put into your body, and you will soon die and come back to your own world, and yes your mother is not trapped it was only bait, so i couldt take you in to the forest”. Phillip started to cry, there was no god things in this world, and know Phillip newer could talk to his mother, so close and still so far away. Phillip now examined the whole trip to this strange world and he suddenly remembered the little lady, who had given a knife to here so he always would remember her, Phillip took the knife out of his pocket and easily cut the net of.
There was no time to go Phillip started to ran, ran as fast as he could the copy of him was at least 6 hours longer on the trip then him. Phillip did not know witch way he should go, but in some way it seemed like the right way. Phillip couldt feel pain in the whole body it was the poison there was starting to work, Phillip ran faster, he ran over marks and through villages. After many houres of ranning he suddenly could see the evil clone, he was long away but at least Phillip now knew that he had run the right way. Phillip was wery tired but he couldt not stop now Phillip thought. The Clone was closer to phillip now, and phillip couldt see that the clone was walking at the moment. Suddenly the clone looked behind himself and saw Phillip, Phillip couldt feel the fear in his body.
The clone started to run and Phillip now knew that it only was a question of endurance before one of them gave up.
Out in the horizon Phillip could now spot a casle, Phillip was sure that it was there his mother was. Phillip tried to forget the pain and just keep on ranning, he was getting closer and closer to his clone. Suddenly something unexpected happend the clone stopt running and turn around agains Phillip. The clone was now ready for a battle between Phillip and him, Phillip was not afraid of anything anymore, he was so close to his mother now and nothing could stop him now. Phillip took his knife up out of his pocket and ran over to the clone they was now only 20 meters from eachtother Phillip trowed the knife against the clone and stoped completly up. The knife flew in the air and hited the clone right between the eyes.... The clone fald down and banged his head down in the road, he was dead.
Phillip couldt not move a muscle he had just killed the clone an was now closer then ever to his mother. Phillip could feel his muscles turn back to normal size and his height was shrinking in. Phillips body had transformed into the normal size. Phillip looked up he was only a couple of minutes from the palace and he started to ran faster then he ever had ran before.
Finally there, Phillip walked in to the garden and he could see his mother, she looked just like the pictures he had saw of here, she opened her arms and phillip ran into the arms of here, they was finally together.
Phillip woke up he was laying in a hospital bed, in the end of the bed Phillips mother and father was standing. ”thank good you are back” Phillips mother said. ”you have ben laying in this bed for 5 days” Phillips father said. ”me and your father was sitting down in the living room, that we suddenly heard you scream, we ran up to your room and you just lay there in coma. Well thank god you are back. Now we are going home, right Phillip”. Phillip was happy he did not know how and did not know why, but his greatest wish had come true, his mother was alive and hs father was full og joy. And the only one there was knowing it ever had ben diffrent was Phillip and he had not in mind telling it to anyone.
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damm it´s long i hope one of your guys out there want to try it
Hi Jarl,

This is an interesting fantasy story. Your main problem is your spelling so either get your dictionary out or carefully go through it using a spellchecker.

A few of the incorrect words (and there are others): scholl, actuely, munk, sinch, couldt,.

You also need to put in the apostrophe to show a possessive: Phillip's not Phillips etc.
Thanks!!!! I can not belive you read the hole story... It was a last second essay, so i think that i is the reason of making so many speelings wrong.
Did you like and understand the essay??