Yesterday I took my final English exams. Answer sheets will be taken to the capital soon where expert teachers will begin correcting and marking them. It will take some time for them to complete this (about one month) because 16,000 students had the English exam simultaneously across the country. By now, the corrections must have already begun and while they are looking into our answer sheets we students are very nervous about our results. Even though I think I did quite well at the test, I thought I could post some questions in this forum that worry me the most.

Here we go.

6. An experimental [subdivision] of science has received a grant.
An experimental ___________________________ of science has received a grant.

In this, a student had to replace the word subdivision with another word which, when inserted into the sentence with a gap, would have the same meaning (ie both sentences must mean exactly the same). The words to choose from were given ina text before this task. I can't give you the entire text but the word which I picked up from the text and wrote in the space was 'derivative'. Some of my classmates wrote 'branch'. What do you think of this?

In the 1980s and 1990s, however, there has been (7) ______________________ growing interest in fitness among young adults.

In this, you had to think of only one word which would suit the gap. This was quite difficult for me.

Finally, we had to write an e-mail message to refuse an invitation to an official event. Is such a message formal or informal?

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Hello Khoff

How about these questions?

For questions 6-10, find in the text words which mean the same as the underlined words below.

[6] An experimental subdivision of science has received a grant.
--> An experimental _______ of science has received a grant.
[7] Education is said to be the most important thing in career development.
--> Education is said to be of _______ in career development.
[8] Students’ work is supervised by their professor.
--> Students are working _______ of their professor.
[9] His personal property is approximately calculated to cost two million pounds.
--> His personal property is _______ at two million pounds.
[10] We need a new and original way to deal with the problem of parking.
--> We need a _____ approach to the problem of parking.

My try is like this;
[6] area (field, branch) [7] the greatest importance [8] under supervision [9] estimated [10] creative

Hello again.Emotion: smile

I'm very happy that people take interest in this exam and would like as many people as possible to look through the paper and give some comments on the difficulty and appropriateness of this exam (as it is given for students for whom English is their second language). Thanks.

Now, I finally got round to looking through the exam counting mistakes I have made and predicting my final result. There are some doubts that trouble me all the time and I'd like to clear things up a little.



Pretty good here but I expect to have lost 1-3 pts in this section. "Dangerous" (if one can call them so) gaps are with numbers 3, 7, 12 and 13. My answers were as follows:

3. take
7. at first I thought about 'a' but wrote 'much' in the end
12. out
13. STAY (I knew about 'keep' but for some reason I forgot that)

I'd like to know what other possible answers are for 3, 7, 12 and 13 and whether my answers are correct. By the way, it is already known that many students in Lithuania have never heard of such a phrasal verb "to work out". But I reckon [7] will be the question to start the most discussions.


Not so good in this section. I am interested in possible transformations of 1,2,6 and 7. My answers:

1. wouldn't she let her son
2. advised him to go
6. him that he asked [this is wrong, right?]
7. help laughing when we

In 1, the problem is that they count w o u l d n' t = w o u l d n o t as two words, which gets the word count to 6 and in the task you are allowed to use 2-5. Any alternative transformations? Let's have a discussion.



Problem with #4. My (and my teacher's) answer: 4. A, some suggest 4. C. What do you think?


Problem with #3. My answer: 3. A, others suggest 3. D. What do you think?

Well, I guess that's all. Apart form that, I lost 3 pts in the listening part of the exam and undoubtedly, a couple more in the writing task.

I'd be glad if we could have a discussion about everything concerning this exam. Thanks again, I hope you join.Emotion: smile
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Paco - I like all of your answers here, except that for #8 I would say "under the supervision." I can't really explain why.
Hello Khoff

Yes, you are right. I thought as if "under supervision of ~" were establisfed idiomatic without "the", but I was wrong. It still should obey to the grammar rule that we have put "the" to a noun specified by "of ~". Thank you a lot for the correction.