This is more than just another writing assignment---it is a project. This will take you several weeks to complete, and most of it will be done outside of school. You will be completing 10 chapters of YOUR life and family from the time you were born until now. Each chapter will be assessed for content, organization, and accuracy in mechanics. This means that you will need to proofread and edit before turning in for a grade. When you submit your final project, make sure you have included pictures, items you have collected over the years, examples of your schoolwork, etc. As I said above, your memory book will consist of at least 10 chapters, so you need to be thinking about how you want to bind this together. You may use a scrapbook, a photo album, a 3 ring binder, or simply make a book by binding your pages together using ribbon, string, or etc. The cover of your memory book MUST BE decorated and each chapter must be clearly labeled. You also need to include a table of contents, a dedication page and an epilogue.

CHAPTER 1—“My Heritage”

1-2 pages
Write a description of your ethnic background, being sure to include both parents’ genealogy. Do some research. Things you may want to use or include are important or unusual persons in your family, family history pamphlets from family reunions, etc., library or internet research on your family name or the country from which your ancestors came..

CHAPTER 2—“Before I Was, There Were….”

1-2 pages
Fill out the family tree chart, then write a brief description of your family tree. Tell about folks who were around before you were born: grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and older siblings. Interview at least three people in your family who were living before you were born and include quotes from them in your chapter.
**Extra Credit**-- Have one of your relatives write a brief reflection about your family before you were born (such as your parents’ marriages, births of older siblings, etc.)

CHAPTER 3--- “Suddenly, I Became Me”

2-3 pages
When and where were you born? Were there any unusual or humorous circumstances surrounding your birth? How was your name chosen, and what does it mean? What was going on in the world on the day you were born; with whom do you share a birthday? What were the first couple of years of your life like? (Look back at your baby book or ask a relative.—First tooth? First word? First step?) What memories do you have of your first five years, if any? What are some of those stories your mom tells that you wish she wouldn’t? Some resources you might check are your baby book, photo albums, and family members.
**Extra Credit**--- have your mom or dad (or both) write a reflection in their own handwriting about the time leading up to your birth—their fears, excitement, etc.

CHAPTER 4--- “School Bells”

1-2 pages
Write about kindergarten through Grade 3—first day jitters, fears, anticipation, learning to read and write, special friends, teachers, school programs (did you play a part in a school play?), etc. Tell about where you lived during this time and the schools you attended. Include favorite childhood activities you enjoyed during this period of your life. This is a good place to include some of your early schoolwork or artwork when you put the final book together.
***Extra Credit***--- If you are still in touch with any of your teachers from this period, ask them to hand write and sign a memory about you.

CHAPTER 5--- “More School Bells”

1-2 pages
Cover grades 4-6. Where did you go to school? Who was your “Best Friend”? Discuss how you have changed since your early school years. How have you changed physically? Remember those “Bugs Bunny” teeth we all seemed to have in fourth grade? What new hobbies and activities were you becoming interested in? How has your family changed in the past few years? Check out your photo albums, school memory books or elementary yearbooks to help you remember, or ask your parents.
**Extra Credit**--- If you are still in touch with any of your teachers from this period, as them to hand write and sign a memory about you.

CHAPTER 6---“I Grew Up Here!”

1-2 pages
Write about your home and neighborhood. You may have moved around a bit, if so, include information about all the homes you’ve lived in. Describe your bedroom over the years. How did your space change as you grew? Describe the colors, decorations, etc. of your various rooms. Was there one special hangout or secret place that all kids went to? Check with your parents and friends, and look at old photos of places you’ve lived.

CHAPTER 7—“Junior High: Growing Pains, Crushes, and Being a Good Sport”

2 pages
Okay, you’re not a “little kid” anymore. Cover grades 7-8. How was your first day at junior high? How did the work change that year? Did you still like school? Write about the first crush you had. Who was it? What happened to that person? Did you become active in sports during this time? Which ones? What were some of the “growing pains” that you went through during this pre-adolescent time in your life? Your body was beginning to change; girls outgrew boys. This was a clumsy period—how did you ever survive it? How did your relationship with friends and with the opposite sex change? Tell about your teachers, friends, activities, successes, heartbreaks, accomplishments, etc.
**Extra Credit**--- Have one of your junior high school teachers write a favorite memory of you.

CHAPTER 8--- “I Wish I Could See_________________ Again!”

1-2 pages
Tell about a childhood friend, neighbor, or teacher that you have no contact with anymore, but would like to see again. What was your relationship with that person like back then? What happened to change that? Why would you like to see this person now? What would you tell that person?

CHAPTER 9—“Besides My Parents, There Was…..”

1-2 pages
Write about the one most influential person, other than your parents, in your life. I know this is difficult to do, but don’t waffle here and try to select more than one. Do some soul searching and choose the ONE person who has been the MOST influential. Tell why you chose this person.
**Extra Credit**---Send a copy of this paper to the person you chose and have them write a response. If that person is no longer living, perhaps there is a close relative.

CHAPTER 10—“New Kid on the Block”

2 pages
This is your freshman year!!!! Remember the first day of high school?? What were some of your anxieties? How was the transition from junior high to high school? What were some of the myths you heard about high school? Were any of them true? How did you manage to “fit in” to high school life—pep rallies, ballgames, homecoming, clubs, new subjects, new teachers, new building, new friends?
**Extra Credit**-- Have one of your freshman teachers (not me) write a memory for your book.

EPILOGUE—“Why I Would/Would Not Change Anything About My Life”
Write a thoughtful, reflective paragraph over this topic.


That’s it. Now its time to put the finishing touches on your book as a whole. Add pictures and mementos. Decorate the outside to reflect who you are. Be creative and have fun! Remember, this is your legacy.

If your Memory Book is complete and shows some creativity and thought, your final grade will be no less than an 80. The more thorough and the more creative you are in decorating your book and pages and sections with drawings, pictures, photographs, stuff cut out of magazines, newspapers, or brochures, the higher your grade will be. Any book that does not contain A Table of Contents, A Dedication Page, 10 Chapters and an Epilogue will receive a lower grade no matter how fancy it is. Any book that is a bunch of “junk” will not receive a grade.

*pay close attention to the page requirements that go with each writing prompt*

[[I'm adopted so I'm going to make everything up because I can't get any information from both sides of my family.]]

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We did this exact project in my English class. I am also adopted. I talked to my English teacher and she had no problem with me making up the things I did not know. Talk to your English teacher. If she is okay with it, then just make up something that sounds realistic. Good luck Emotion: smile
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