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Valentin Ayala Jr

1 March 2011

“Arrival of my Dad”

As I may recall it was an early morning when I heard my grandmother shout “Teresa ahi te busacan” in a high pitch voice. I can hear was my mother screaming with joy and I wondered what was going on, so I went on ahead and checked what the commotion was all about. Then, that’s when it strucked me! My mind wondered and started to get confused in trying to figure out if that tall man in front of me was my father. So the question begins where was he?

I would always think where or what have happened to my father? I would remember asking my mother with a sad voice full of unhappiness “mom where is dad and when is he coming back” I said in a sad voice, and all my mother could say was “he is out of town working trying to get money for us” she replied back in a smile. As I grew older I knew that my dad was arrested one day for smuggling illegal aliens. I knew that because I found out as I got older by the time. So after all the time of figuring that it was him my dad came towards me and my other two younger brothers saying to us in Spanish words, “hola mijos como han estado? Soy yo tu padre. Ven para aca y dame un abrazo.” I remember backing out, because I was shy and couldn’t believe it was him. So as the morning continued my father was making us feel comfortable with him by trying to make us laugh. He would tell us with his jolly voice “I really missed you all a lot and also regret for not spending time with you all” he said as if it was the end of the world for him. I can’t really blame my father in what he did was wrong in the past. He was just trying to do what every person in this world does in order to provide for their family; even it’s wrong or bad. My dad called out my nickname in his deep voice saying “Glovo, ven para aca conmigo y sentate en sigida de mi”. I went on ahead and sat with him and he asked one thing and said to me, “where would you like to go eat this morning or where do you want to go?” I was the first one that he asked, because I am the oldest and also the first born child too. All I could reply to him in a voice full with shyness was, “I want to eat McDonald’s” I said, and my Dad said “McDonald’s why would you like to eat there?” and nodded with a smile and finished by saying “ok we will go and eat there, and meanwhile get ready too also because we are going downtown”.

As we all got ready and started to walk to McDonald’s, because since it was walking distance in where we lived at, we lived in this little neighborhood called “La Azteca.” We mostly lived there mostly all of our childhood. But as we were heading to McDonald’s all I could was the smiles of both of my parents, seeing them smiling meant a lot for cause it showed how much they missed each other. As we arrived at McDonald’s my mom ordered or meals as my dad was finding us a place to sit and eat. Our morning was going by so fast that it was almost around 11:00 a.m., and getting close to noon. We had a very nice breakfast with laughed and happiness in our faces because my dad was finally home with us. As we finished we were all ready to head to downtown and begin our afternoon walking around to see what was in store for us all. I remember I was so anxious in what my dad was going to buy us all. So as we walked around I remembered my brother saying to my parents “I want a swimming pool please!” and we all agreed and repeated the same words that my brother said. So we all went inside the store and checked where the swimming pool so we can pay for it and get out of the store as fast as we could. We were so happy because my dad was out because the truth we missed but in time we were little kids and began to forget about him, because his presence was not there with us. We got home that afternoon, opened up the swimming pool and headed to the backyard to fill up the swimming pool. Is that day of his arrival to us that I can’t forget, because I knew that I needed my father and that he would always be there for us too? Even though all these years have passed my father stills remains going back in and also coming out from jail too, and in to this point he is still locked up. But the memory that remains in my day was the first day we saw him when I was a young kid.
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