Hello. Yesterday i posted a IELTS writing part 1 without a picture and i have to repost it. But after a while, i still not get approved. I turned on all notification in Setting apartment. Pls help me. Thank you and have a nice day

I'm sorry it took a little time for your post to be approved. The trouble is, we are a very small team of unpaid volunteers here, answering questions and acting as moderators. We only have about half a dozen active Mods, they are mostly located in North America, and many of them have regular jobs, or are involved in other volunteer activities besides their work here. This means that sometimes there are no moderators available, especially when it is night in the US and Canada. You posted when it was a few minutes after 6 AM on the East coast of the US, and 3 AM on the West coast. Your post was approved by a British moderator when he went on his lunch break at 12:30 PM, British time, about an hour and 15 minutes after you posted.

We would love to have more people to help here, but finding people with the necessary skills who are willing to work for free is quite a challenge, and we are very lucky to have the dedicated volunteers we have now.