My First Crush

As the twilight coloured my ambience
i strolled through that unforgettable lane
where i lost my heart
which i never found again

She had sparkling eyes
blended with innocence of a deer
which made my heart sing a song
which she could not hear

As my eyes floated through her oceanic eyes
her face erupted in a luminous smile
a smile for which i could have
travelled a thousand mile

Ended the lane, came night
with extasy, we were in moonlight
day ended, the next evening came
searching for my heart, i went back to the lane

My angelic queen was standing there
wearing starlight in her hair
mysterious looks, digging deep in my heart
as i looked, i forgot all my words

Days passed, weeks passed, months passed
talking to her was touching the stars
thought of burning my passion on a paper
born was this poem, will a relationship be born.
Yeah, I like that too!
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hey hitchhiker and maj thanks so much for your compliments, and please pray i get her someday..hehe
will look forward for suggestions on improvement.
take care
Maybe you could improve the last line. It ends sort of abruptly.
that was hot...keep improving...holla at me...
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