Someone asked me how am i

But I didn’t understand why

My brain stopped functioning

Or was my phone ringing

With no answer i had to lie

My feelings are mine to keep

That’s y i started thinking deep

‘I am good’ is all i could say

No one can understand my dismay I’ll let no one see me weep!

I tell my self that i am strong

Hiding my feelings is not wrong

Those who know me well are unaware

Or they know but they don’t care

I am sure this will last lifelong!

I assume that you must be bored

Its okay! most of the time i am ignored

Listening to me rant is no fun

With this life i am more than done

I can just pray to the lord!

I desperately want to see

How my new life will be

No pain should u bear while i am gone

Without me enjoy the new dawn

Now finally i am free!

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