Hi all,

I am Sara…. I usually write poetry in another language … other than English …

This is my first poem in English … I wrote it just today 5/3/2007 ….

Please have a look and feed me back Emotion: smile Your comments are highly appreciated Emotion: smile

I love you all …….


I am missing you …..

I really do ….

Oh baby oh …….

come and hug me……... forever ……

endless hug …..

I want to live in your bosom ….

my whole life …………..

I am missing you …..

I want to be with you …….. only you …

near to you ……..

dear to you …

In your kind eyes…………

I see the happiness …….

I feel the love ……

I discover that ….

life is more valuable with a soul mate …..

I am missing you

Don't you miss my voice?

my songs on the dark night?

my little warm "hands" ……….

I am missing all of you ………...

Oh baby ……

I am looking through the window ….. all the time …..

with a dream to see your shadow …….

carrying red rose to me…….

filling my life with loud lovely laughs….

I will never be hopeless ……


Ok..here is the comment you so much wished!:)

Well, seems quite sad! ..but it's beautiful if it was you who wrote it;) (I'm awful writing poem, well, I don't know how to write them!
I liked this sentence.." life is more valuable with a soul mate":)
Dear Pucca Emotion: smile

nice to see your name here Emotion: smile

thank you for your reply, it means so much for me.... I will always remeber that you were the first one who reply on my first peom here Emotion: smile ummmmmmm yes I wrote it and I know it is a little bit sad ..... I am missing somone it should be sad Emotion: wink

thank you again and again my friend .... Emotion: smile
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I'm honoured! wow..seems that I'll always be remember as "the first one who wrote a comment in you first poem":)

Well, you are right! It should be sad..but maybe you can write how beautiful it was being near him! That would make it..I don't know, something special!:D
Hi again Pucca Emotion: smile

you said "It should be sad..but maybe you can write how beautiful it was being near him!"

dear just let him come back to me and I will write how beautiful it was being nera him Emotion: big smile looool

this is a promise Emotion: smile
Shalom shalom or salam salam to the princess of arabia! Emotion: smileEmotion: smile

very nice cute song! Emotion: big smile

what can i say/what can i tell

you have the style/like real princess

your words can touch in any heart/melt any frozen man lol

like path who show the way to your own heart ;D
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by the way,the message was from unknown Emotion: wink


Idan>I see Oman I see UAE i see Princess and i don't see sinbad! Emotion: stick out tongue
It is the reflection of the emotions in a very simple way.. It is written to be understood.. I mean emotions expressed in an easiest way, and I liked it.. no need to be complicated Emotion: stick out tongue (I couldn't express what I mean well, but.. anyway.. Emotion: stick out tongue)

I appreciate your first attempt to write a poem in English.. You should continue Emotion: wink