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Chapter 1:
They were a simple family who lived in a tiny home which looked like a cottage. This family consisted of the parents, the elder daughter, Annie, a 14-year-old girl and 2 little boys are Ralf and Jack. However, the father had been arrested as a POW a year before our story. So, this family remained without a man to care about and the mother used to take care of her daughter and her two sons by herself. She used to be both a mother and a father for her children.

One day, the daughter Annie noticed that her mother was exaggerating in looking after her little family. So, she decided to start helping her mother as the other young girls in the city did. She waited the next day to start her new mission and to surprise her mother.
When Annie‘s mother woke up early as usual she dressed and covered her hair with a piece of material and then directly she went to take the basket and the bag to buy something for her children. However, they weren’t there. She noticed that there was a paper instead. When she opened it, she found these words inside it: “ from now on, you and I will share the house work …” She recognized directly that this message was written by her little daughter Annie. She smiled and took the clothes that needed washing to the small river to wash them.

Chapter 2:
During that time, Annie was shopping at the little shop of the city. She wore the same dress her mother used to wear and covered her hair as she saw her mother doing every morning. She took all of her money and went out to buy something for her mother and brothers. She bought some cucumber, lettuce, and bread and she was on her way to buy some meat from “William”, who was a good friend of her father “Joe”.
As she was trying to get the money out of her pocket, she heard some scary sounds which seemed like a sound of bullets coming out of rifles.
They came!
They came with two big tanks and lots of rifles, guns and even bombs. The war came back again to Toza City. Spontaneously, William caught Annie’s little hand and ran away. “Don’t panic Annie” he said “ I’ll take you to a safe place, then to your mother”.
Annie really worried about that. This was the second war in the city after the one in which her father had been arrested. But she trusted William and she was very sure that he would try to take her back to her mother, or at least to find a way out of there. They kept on running to find a safe place, but there were lots of soldiers around the city. Later on, they discovered that the city was completely sealed off.
After a long time of running, they found a farm of very long golden wheat and near the middle of it there was a giant tree which covered a large area with its shadow. William and Annie sat under the tree where no one could see them.

Chapter 3:
“What’s going on Uncle Will,” Annie said “Why have these people come to fight us again? I thought they had gone and would never come back again”.
But he didn’t reply. All what he was doing was moaning as he was hurt.
“Uncle Will??” she asked again “what’s going on?? Why are you moaning?”
He tried to pick up some of his strength to answer this little girl’s questions.
“Annie” he said “I’m afraid I can’t take you back to your mother”.
“Why not?”
He showed her his left leg which had one bullet in it and there was another one in his side. She became scared once she saw the blood coming out of William’s leg, but she remembered to try healing the injuries using medical herbs, as her mother used to do before.
“I know what can cure it,” gladly she said, “ Just wait for me here”
“Where are you going?” he asked
“ I’ll bring for you some herbs to cure your injuries,” she replied
“No!” he shouted “You will get lost. It’s dangerous to go there alone”
“Rely on me,” she said “ I’ll come to you as quickly as possible”
She left while William was trying to make her understand the dangerous situation in the area, but she preferred to continue on her way and look for the healing herbs to heal the person who would take her back to her mother. She walked for a long way searching for the herbs. She felt that she was moving farther and farther away That’s why she was looking back with every step she took. But, she continued on her way with high self-confidence until she found a hill which had the kind of herbs she was looking for. Everybody knew that these healing herbs grew only in between the city of Toza and another one called “Wayrah”. However, it seemed that she didn’t know that she was now on the city borders. She collected some of the herbs, which she thought would be enough to heal William’s injuries.
Annie put what she collected in her little hand-made bag. “Well,” she thought, “It’s time to go back to the patient, but how? Where?”. She was lost. She looked around her to find a sign to lead her to the farm. She walked and walked and didn’t know where her legs would take her.
After a long time walking, she found herself in front of what seemed like a camp. It was one of the enemy camps. She knew that once she saw the flag raised at the top of it - it was the same flag which the tanks had on top of them. She was scared to move some steps toward the camp and she was also scared to move some steps backward. What could a little girl like her do in a situation like this?
Finally, she decided to leave this place and search for another way to go back to William or to her mother. she turned herself around to return, but she saw a soldier who had the logo of the enemy on his chest. She raised her eyes to look at his face while her heart beat very fast - her legs were trembling. The features in his face were not strange. She looked carefully at his face … impossible …

Chapter 4:
“D …… Daddy???!!”
It was him. He was looking at Annie very strangely and his eyes were glimmering.
“Annie!” he said very quietly
Neither of them moved nor spoke in this difficult situation. The only one response was the one which came from Annie’s eyes. Her eyes began to cast tears.
“Am I seeing the enemy’s logo on your heart Dad?” she said sadly
Once he heard his little girl saying that, he put his hand on the logo in an act to hide it. He hadn’t prepared himself for a situation like this. Who else was going to know him while he roamed the city killing the people of his country to cheer the foes?. He never anticipated that he would meet someone from his city, but now he was facing one of his family members: “It’s Annie!”
“A…Annie,” he hesitated “I haven’t seen you … for a long … time!.”
“ … and I wish I hadn’t seen you!.” she replied while crying.
“I understand you,” he said shyly. “But you must understand me too …”
“Whatever your reasons are, they shouldn’t make you sell your country and deceive us for these other creatures who have no hearts in their chests.” She shouted, “You don’t know how proud we were after they took you as a POW. We used to say to everybody, who asked us about our father, that he was one of the heroes of our city who protected it from the enemies that he is now still in the foe’s prison suffering torture in order to keep himself faithful to his country .”
She stopped for little while to sniff and then continued crying. Meanwhile, her father’s eyes became wet and started to drop tears. It was the moment of conscious awakening. Did he need these words from his little daughter to bring him back to reality? No, he knew very clearly that these enemies had lied to him, brainwashed him. He followed the instructions of his selfishness to sell his country to dirty people.
“Annie, darling,” quietly he said. “I must confess that you are right in every word you said, you became a mature lady”
“You’re right” Annie said “ I grew up very early to help my mom in filling the role of the father and the mother at the same time. Unfortunately, my mother is sacrificing for a person who isn’t worth it.”
Then Annie took her bag and moved a few steps farther - she heard her father calling her. He asked her to wait a few minutes to bring her something and when he showed up again, he was holding a piece of paper with him.
“Take this map” he said “I am afraid you might get lost. I’m sure you won’t get lost if you follow the map”
She looked at the map. She noticed that he had circled Toza and the camp they were in, in order to make the return easier for her. She looked at his eyes, which were still wet, snatched the map, then left.

Chapter 5:
After following the map for about 2 ½ hours, she noticed the name of her city on a white sign, the north side of Toza. Darkness was about to cover the sky above and a gentle wind was blowing the sand away. Annie kept on walking until she reached the little area where she used to live with her mother and brothers. The whole area was calm and little bit dark. Nothing could be heard but the sound caused by the blowing of the breeze. The whole place was empty. Nobody was moving around, no children playing in the area, the stalls were empty and some of them were destroyed. ‘Where are they? What did her father’s companions do to this little safe city?’
“From here, I can remember where my home is,” she whispered to herself “Move Annie, maybe they slept because of what happened this morning.”
She followed her conjecture and walked on the paths. While she was walking, she saw some houses of people she knew. “This house belongs to Linda, who’s a friend of my mother, and that house belongs to Clara, my little friend who bought for me my best doll, and this is Guru’s house. I recall having a dispute with him last week, but that nasty boy used to be out of his house during this time. Where is he?”
She kept on walking and walking until she found her little home.
“My home!”
she ran towards it until she faced the door, but she didn’t enter for the strange darkness inside. She stood for few moments, then she moved the knob and entered.
‘What in the world is this?’
Nobody inside. the house was completely empty of everything. It looked like an abandoned place. She went out of the house again to William stall, , and there she found her basket which had a big hole in the middle. Some of the vegetables she had bought were trodden into the ground and others were blown about by the wind. She was convinced that there was no one in the whole city. She didn’t know where they were. Because of her despair, she went back to her house again and shut the door then sat on the soft empty ground and began to cry until she fell asleep.
While Annie was sleeping, she heard someone outside moaning one moment and crying out in another. She became scared because she thought that it might be a ghost outside. Annie tried to reassure herself that the voice seemed to be human. Finally, she decided to dare her terror and go outside to see whose voice it was. Once she was outside, she heard the voice more clearly. She walked until she found the source of the sound which was for a man lying on the ground continuing to moan and cry. Once she saw him, she felt very comfortable to be sure that it was human.

Chapter 6:
“Stop it! You scared me.” she shouted at him in order to make him hear her. When he did, he turned to her to ask for her help, But she had seen this face recently. He is her father ‘Joe’.
“Come and help me Annie!” he said “my foot has been bitten by a snake.”
Very quickly, she helped him inside the house. He was moving very heavily, but he could move along the little path to approach her home. There Annie remembered the herbs she culled to cure William. She picked up her bag and took the herbs out.
“Hold on,” she said, “I have something to stop your pains”
“Can you use this stuff?” he said quietly
“Yes, of course,” she answered “And I know what should I do in this situation.”
She bared his foot and pressed very hard on the wound to let the spoiled blood come out of his foot. Once she finished, she crushed and squeezed the herbs and put them on the wound, then she tied it up.
“Ok, I’ve finished,” she said. “Try not to move your foot for few minutes.”
“Thanks darling,” he said. “I owe you.”
“Why did you come here?” she asked him very sharply as she remembered what had happened that morning. “Thank God there is nobody in here to see you”
“In fact, I came because I knew that the people of Toza are away,” he answered quietly. “They will be sent to Cyprus tomorrow, after the sunrise.”
“Do you know where they are? Can I see my mother and brothers again?” she asked very ardently. “Talk to me dad, where are they right now?”
he smiled and said, “They are now at Wayrah’s borders. They will be taken to the coast after the sunrise by train, and there a ship will be waiting for them to take them to Cyprus”
“Well, let’s go then,” she said .“Come on dad, we must be there before the sunrise”
“Hold on honey,” he said “We must wait a little bit. Can’t you see my foot is not fine? Just wait a bit more and I promise you that we will be there before the sunrise”

Chapter 7:
forty-five minutes later, Joe looked at his little daughter who was laying on the floor closing her little eyes and drowning in “sweet dreams”. He shook her arm very softly and called her …
“Annie, Annie … wake up … Annie!”
She opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was her father’s face grinning at her and saying: “Let’s go now. We need to be there before the sunrise”
“Is your foot OK?” she said in a sleepy voice
“Yes” he replied, “…and it’s ready to begin the journey.”
Annie and her father, Joe, began their journey to reach the borders of their country. They walked silently for a long time. Neither of them asked nor narrated to the other about the period of time they were away from each other. They just walked.
Suddenly, Annie stopped. The features in front of her were familiar to her. It was the golden wheat farm with the big tree in the middle of it. The wheat was very golden under the moonlight. Annie knew that there was someone in this farm, so she walked to it.
“Hold it, Annie! Where are you going to?” Joe asked her but she didn’t answer him.
She rushed to the farm towards the big tree. But when she
came a bit closer to the tree, she decided not to move any further. She made this decision because of the birds under the tree at the same location where she and William had been. She knew now if he could leave the farm or not. She walked between the golden wheat to get out of the farm where her father was waiting for her.
“What’s up, Annie?” he wondered
she looked back at the farm and said “God have mercy on his soul!” she paused for little while and said, “ Let us be there before the sunrise.”
Then she walked while her father wondering. What or who is in this farm? And why did Annie say these words?
They moved on without stopping. Annie was trying to stop her desire to cry but she didn’t know how. So, she began talking.
“Dad,” she said quietly, “When did you join the enemies’ army?”
He eyed her with an embarrassed look and said very quickly “two months after my arrest”
“Oh, that was too quick, wasn’t it?”
Joe knew very well that this phrase of wards which came from Annie was a scoff at him, so he didn’t reply.
“Did you know that my grandma died after your arrest?” she asked again.
“Yes, I did” he answered angrily “ Did you think that I was in my prison and no news coming to me about my mother.”
“Oh cool. Very sensible reason to make you be one of them, huh?”
“Would you shut up please?” he shouted at her very cruelly. This shout made Annie stop her new born hobby of making fun of her father. It was like a warning to her saying, “Be careful, I’m still your father and I can act like a father”. At least she recognized her fault and wanted to fix it.
“Sorry,” she apologized and kept on walking to reach the place she wanted to be before the sunrise.

Chapter 8:
“Finally,” she thought. The rail station. After half an hour, this weird crowded place is going to be empty. In spite of being at the leaving point, Annie felt that there were several hours between now and the time she would see her mother again.
“Listen Annie !” Joe said, “Here are all the people of Toza. To go back to your mother, go to one of these officers and tell him that you have lost the carriage for the north side of Toza.”
“What about you?” she asked.
“ I have to stay here.”
“What?” she shouted. “So, you like being with them?”
Joe laughed at her and said, “No dear. But in couple of minutes, I’ll be Joe Morriens. One of the heroes of Toza city who protected it from the enemies, and who will be in the foe’s prison again to suffer torture in order to keep himself faithful to his country and people.”
Annie smiled and asked, “Aren’t these my words?”
“Yes,” he said “These words taught me the most important lesson in my life - thanks my little daughter”
He kissed her hands and hugged her, maybe, for the last time in his life. Annie moved away and went to one of the officers in that field and asked him about the carriage for the North Toza people and he took her to the fifth one. Annie knew certainly that now was the time to see her mother. But she wasn’t there. The place was full of children and teenagers. At least she found someone she knew Clara, her friend was the one who told her that her mother was on the train with them but in another carriage.
As the train moves away, people in the train heard something weird. There were gun shots and shouting. Everybody in the carriage were fighting to find out what was going on out there except one person who said these few words.
“God help you dad.”
The End

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