Hi hitch,

I have a suggestion to make, when I click ' my forum ', the active treads are at the bottom, so I need to stroll all the way down to look up the active treads. I think placing the active ones on top is a good idea as people want to see the active treads rather than the history they have been taking part.

But do a survey first, don't take only one person's viewEmotion: smile. The majority says it all !!!
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That sounds like a good idea to me.
I discovered a good function in other forums. There provide a button for ' spelling check '. Then those who are over-conscious about spelling mistakes can have something to fall back on especially on a long post.
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Spelling check! OUCH! You're trying to kill me aren't youEmotion: smile
I should think it would be a wonderful idea to have a capitalising button so that every time a new thread is started the first letter would be a capital letter. Would that appeal to you HitchHicker?
With all these breathtaking features, I believe EnglishForward can hardly come across any competitionEmotion: smile. If you don't sweat it now, you will have to later Emotion: stick out tongue. Maj's suggestion is also a good idea. Most of the time new participants or even old ones fumble to look for the original thread. So make it distinctive by capitalising the subject or add some color to it would make it look so coolEmotion: smile. Well, color is always my priority to get attention.
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I agree. Colour catches your attention easily.
It looks like hitch has got his work cut out for him to be ahead of the competitorsEmotion: smile
I've done the auto-capitalisation procedure just now, can you explain the 'colour' thing..

I'm doing your active thread thing now too (this thread's first suggestion)..
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