Hello. My friend is studying an English course on the web.

She wrote to me:

I studied my learning course 14 times in the today.

So I made it to 62%.

I feel something strange her sentences. For example, "in the day" or "made it to 62%".

Will you correct her English? I will tell it to her.

Thank you.
Hi Kenta,

There are a number of problems with her sentences. Usually, even when there are serious errors, native speakers will understand the intent of the speaker/writer. That doesn't apply here - I'm clueless about what she means.

Perhaps it's:

I visited the Web site to study 14 times today, so I am 62% through the course.


I took 14 units of my course today, and I scored an average of 62% on the tests.


Some combinatin of the above.

One thing for sure: Don't say "in the today" - Just say "today."
Thank you very much. I told my friend about his sentences.