Oh my God!!!! Today {Azraeel} an angel who is responsible for taking the souls visits me .He says, “It’s your turn Sadeem”. I cry & plead him to let me live long but he refuses & says “oh dear I’m in a hurry I’ve to take many souls besides yours!!! After a while he takes mine. Then one of my sisters comes to wake me up.she tries & tries but in vain. So she starts shouting & calling my parents. They come in a hurry. Moreover everyone try to do his/her best to let me live again .my youngest sister tries to hear my heartbeat.but she can’t hear any!! While my youngest brother carries me to the car in order to go to the Emergency with my parents who wear their pajamas .Many doctors come around me & do their best just to convince my family that I die.

One of them collects his brave & puts one of his hand on my father’s shoulder saying { you are a Muslim ..This is God’s willing .. God chooses her soul ..actually it’s his .. it’s a road all of us will pass in it .. just pray for her ..May Allah release her soul in paradise ..} it is an unexpected shock to all my family .. how come???!!!!! a young girl die suddenly although they know death doesn’t differentiate between young & old .. black & white .. muslim & non-muslim !! They start recalling all my life as a tape {all my laughs ,speech , jokes, graduation …etc} .Then they ask my father to start the procedure by writing a certification of death ..He does that with flood of tears .. then they carry me to the washroom ..there are many women who take my clothes off & cover my body from my belly till my half thigh .. They press my belly & wash me with water & SEDDER .. Then they cover all my body with five separated clothes .. After that they carry me to the mosque .. oh my God ! I’m now in men’s section in front of Imam .. They pray the funeral prayer without bow or prostration .. They carry me again on their shoulder to my last home to my grave .. Then they dig a hole in the ground & put me there . Next they put a heap of sand on my grave ..Now I’m alone in my grave .. no one stay with me ..but I can hear the voice of all my family , relatives & friends .. I can hear their crying & walking .. now I’m here without money or properties ,my PC, dictionaries ,.. I’m here alone under my ground .. I’m here alone under the ground .. oh my God !!! now I’m with two angels .. they ask me WHO IS YOUR GOD? WHO IS YOUR PROPHET ? WHAT IS YOUR RELIGION ? I’m here asking by the angels while my family receive a lot of my friends , relatives & neighbours to condole them .. after three days everyone I know busy with his/her life & forget Sadeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem !!!!

{no!when it {i.e.the soul }has reached the collar bones.26. and it is said “who will cure {him}?.27.and he {i.e. the dying one }is certain that it is the {time of } separation .28.and the leg is wound about the leg.29.to your Lord , that Day , will be the procession .30.}Surah75 al-Qiyamah

The bad thing I think is there are too many 'I's. It leads me to believe you're always thinking only from your point of view, which I think is not a good thing.

The story was wonderful sis.................after reading this...........I ran to do my night's prayer......Emotion: smile

" I’m now in men’s section in front of Imam ! " ---- LOLZ..........Emotion: big smile

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Views change with time. So I'm here to eat my words, and Basically it is a great story.

Emotion: embarrassed
this is so sad sadeem, very pretty name Emotion: smile this made me cry!
thanxxxxxxx sadem that really that make me crying that me also one day will be there ohhhhhhh ohhhh my god


god be with u
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It's great, Sadeem. God story.
May God bless your soul.