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Thank you for your kind words, David. I have also found several mistakes and have corrected them. Yes, my grandfather is a respected oil painter. I'm proud of him.
I bought a few paintings when i was in Shanghai from a place round the corner from the Jing Jang' I was there to see some agents as I run an English language school.
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Does he have a website. What does he paint? Does he sell abroad ? What is the price range?
Glad you are proud of him that should give him great pleasure. What does he enjoy painting.
Does he sell abroad? Has he had any exhibitions and what is the price range? Is he on the website? So many qestions forgive me but art is something I love.
He sells abroad through his agent. The last exhibition so far was held last year in the New World in Shanghai. And he is invited to hold another in France next year. The price is from $3000 to $40000 each, according to the size. Do you have email? If you want to have a look at his paintings, I can send you several.
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email address is Email Removed. Love to see his paintings. One of my friends J Leyris is anartist in Paris.
Not only would I like to see the paintings but the house as well.
David, I've sent you an email.
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Thank you grace. Iam so impressed by your grasp of language. Do you speak any other language.
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