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Thank you, David. I'm learning Japanese now.
Have you lived in an English speaking country? Japan is beautiful. I was in Nara And Kyoto.
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No. Actually I have never left Shanghai, which has brought about the limitations inside me. So many people think me leading a dull life.
Why a dull life? What exactly are you doing? Come and see us in Malta.
You can come and see me too. I am pretty bored myself. (w)
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I'm a college student, an English major. But I used to specialize in international trade. Since I found it so difficult for me to step into business realm, I quit. English may be a better choice, I think. Upon my graduation, I may choose to work on a master degree, on literature or philosophy. Hope I can make it. What about you, David?
I run alanguage school . Youn will find us on.the forums. Peter and hitchiker are my sons.
We prepare mainly for Cambridge and have an excellent pass rate. Last year we had forty two different nationalities. We are working with people in China and Korea who are interested
in our englishmed. com Before coming to Malta I taught at Ampleforth College in England.
Lovely chatting with you.
Hi, we are so happy to meet Peter's father. He is such a nice guy, and I bet a wonderful son. You know that I have always wanted to visit Malta. Do you have any intensive courses in July? I would love to do an intensive course with you. Emotion: smile
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My team would be very happy to greet you. Contact us at www.elanguest.com. Peter would
love to hear that.
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