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Thanks, maybe he could advise me on a suitable one for me? Peter, where are u?
Bath (place) in England
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What would you do if you knew that a ghost slept in your grandparent's bed? Do you think the ghost would wake you up?
What do you mean, maj? Emotion: indifferent
I mean that I have slept in a bed with a ghost. Haven't you ever done that?
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Believe it or not, I did experience it not in my grandparents' bed but in my own bed. About three times.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Wow, wow, wow! You must tell me about it.
I felt stiffled and stressed by something I didn't know at midnight. In a half trance I tried to open my eyes, and at that time, I was absolutely conscious. But futilely I was unable to open my eyes, hearing a voice in my ears, a voice of a mid-age man who I never knew. And I couldn't figure out what he was saying... I don't remember when I fell asleep again. But I didn't feel frightened when it happened. And I know it's never a dream. This is the first time. The second and the third are quite similar, just without the voice.
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Gosh, it made my hair stand on end. Did you ever feel the need to do something when this happened?
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