I jot down my thoughts about marrage and my husband. I will be very grateful if you read this and give your feedback, comment, grammatical adivice, or whatsoever.

I gained new perspective on what a husband means to me. Of course, I have husband since I’m married. However, I have been complaining about my husband for his lack of help for house chores and baby nurturing, and difference in opinion. Having got married almost right after graduation, I didn’t have a chance to spend my hard-earned money only for myself. Especially, after giving birth to my son, we have been under continuous pressure that we should spend less. Of course, I’m not a thoughtless wife and I know we should not splurge since we are quite indebted after purchasing our apartment. However, sometimes I wish I were a single career woman who just spends her salary for beauty, entertainment, fashion, culture, etc without feeling a shred of guilt.

Anyway, for aforementioned reasons, I have been somewhat unhappy about being a married woman. And the stress coming from the fact that I have to work and take care of baby at the same time is quite huge. I disputed when my younger sister said that having a husband is like having a life-long friend who would always be with you when others are too busy to see you.

However, I realized that I call my hubby when I have to kill time – his office is near mine, and when I need somebody to accompany me for movies, etc. I can even pick my nose before him and he can relieve himself when I’m in the same bathroom. Well, I guess, we are VERY comfortable to each other.

So I thought, ‘Why don’t I think of him as my FRIEND?’ not a husband who is supposed to share whatever responsibility coming from marriage but sometimes acts like a boy living with his “mother”. Well, I guess that I can look at him from a little different and better angle from now on.
While it seems that many a married person would find themselves in your situation I don't think that anyone has the guts to admit they feel the same way. I recently found myself in the same place as you. I am married and have 6 beautiful well behaved kids. I am a stay at home mom and my only "friend" is my husband. I didn't realize that he was until a few months ago when I was complaining that I didn't have anyone to talk to or do things with. Then it hit me that he(my husband) is the one I go to the movies with, go shopping with, he's the one that I talk to about anything and everything. I used to think of him the same way you think of your husband, until he made me realize that he is my Bestfriend in the whole world.

By no means do I have a perfect marriage. I gripe about him not helping around the house or with the kids but then I realize that he has just spent all day at work and he shouldn't have to lift a finger when he gets home unless he really wants to. I know that you said that you work too and your husband doesn't help out. When I had a job my husband still didn't help. I believe that men are truly wired this way, they work at a job and bring in the most money and we the women are meant to be the caregivers for the kids and the housekeeper of their castle. We truly can't blame them for this, I bet your mother in law took care of the house and kids and possibly had a job while your father in law worked and did nothing around the house and your husband grew up thinking this is how it is supposed to be.

Best of luck to you and yours. Live Laugh Love

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience.

I posted up my story thinking I can both share my experience and have my English checked in terms of grammer, or whatsoever..

And I learned a lot from your reply in terms of both.

Thank you.