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In recent years, social media platforms have gained significant popularity. Discuss the positive and negative impacts of social media on society. Give reasons and examples to support your answer, and provide suggestions for how individuals and society can maximize the benefits and minimize the drawbacks of social media.

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nowadays, the development of social media platforms has become the mainstream of attention in our everyday life, which brings along several drawbacks and perks as well. this essay will present this controversial phenomenon, and give some viable solutions to reinforce its pros and limit the cons.

it can be understood why some people believe that the trend of social media has harmful effects on our life. since everyone can upload and share whatever they want, those online posts can be a danger that negatively affect users. another alarming problem that needs to be prevented on these platforms is scammers who aim for users’ money and deceive them to send it from their credit card. furthermore, social media is too addictive that it makes users shocked to realize they have wasted hours surfing the internet.

despite those negative impacts, the benefits of social media are undeniable. with its support, commercial businesses can get access to potential customers by posting and marketing. online profile is a tool to keep and share moments with our friends or family. eventually, these platforms make it easier to socialize and connect to others. for instance, a youtuber called MrBeast organized lots of fund raising activities in his video, which were supported by his huge fan community.

there are some possible methods to avoid the drawbacks while enhancing the benefits. first of all, developers should raise their applications’ security and content filter to protect their users. moreover, we can support good communities and refuse to share unreliable news.

in summary, I firmly assert that social media platforms have both harmful and helpful impacts on our life, but we can fix that with some viable solutions.


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