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Oh Mike I didn't know what was happening to you Emotion: surprise
I'm not a doc (my dad is) but I remember that when my granny hit her head in the next days all her face turned into a blue colour; it took her a lot of days to become "white" again, but my dad didn't seem to be worried because as he said: "it is a normal thing in these cases"...it's like your blood "flows down" following the gravity.
Anyway seeing a doc is always the best thing to do, Mike! You know I don't like seeing doctors either (I guess the most of us think alike) but what can I do, maybe I should kick my dad out of his house? Emotion: big smile (I tried even with apples: "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" it didn't work! Emotion: stick out tongue)
I hope you're ok now!
Hi Fran,
Thanks for the message. It's been an interesting few days here, and I have learnt quite a lot, from mothers, nurses, and now from a doctor (even though I wasn't actually the patient).
The story of your Grandmother is the third similar scenario I have heard, and the condition of my own leg is the fourth.
I got some Indomethacin gel (occasionally fatal non steroidal anti-inflammatory) from the pharmacist, and have been keeping the leg as elevated as possible. Have also been taking hot baths and almost not smoking! The horrifying colours seem to have faded a little, and the swelling has also reduced a little. I think my leg is well on the road to looking like it belongs to a human again.
The good thing to have come out of all this is a realization that I need to take better care of my circulatory system, and so I have subsequently been smoking almost no cigarettes. I have taken up crack instead (joking).
Thanks to everyone [F]
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Glad to hear that you're improving and that you started to quit with cigarettes: not only it will improve your health but also your money Emotion: big smile (don't know how much a packet of cigarettes is over there, though)
Best of luck! [F]
Almost everything over hear is expensive, except abusive substances. Starting price for a bottle of spirits is US$8.00 A packet of cigarettes starts at $2.00 - just about free, eh (at least at face value)?
Actually there has been deflation here for a number of years, so it is not the outrageously expensive place it once was. The only products I know, bearing in mind I don't shop often, that have become more expensive in recent times are petroleum products and wheat-based products. Shesh! Anyone would think the banks were our friends! The only reason I can see for the banks allowing deflation is that the economy has been pretty sick, and they are allowing it to recover in the knowlege they would never be able to ever milk it again if it actually died - hence the deflation (allowing recovery).
Well, we've come a long way from bike crashes and blue alien legs!
What's the latest from Italy?

Mike Emotion: dance
Well, I don't smoke so I don't know, but people around me seem to be happier to quit smoking for money than health Emotion: big smile
The latest from Italy? We are without a Prime Minister. The thing is that my town is also without a mayor...we're running wild Emotion: rolleyes
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I think something similar happened to me too, but I'm notcompletely sure, I can't remember, LOL. I was told sometimes when apart of your body is hit, somethng happens insids, like a "bruiseinside". The blood then goes down to the lower parts, so I think I hada bruise on the ankle even though I actually hurt my leg somewhereelse. In any case, you should see a doctor, because I am not even anurse, lol. Emotion: big smile
Mike in Japan Indomethacin gel (occasionally fatal...

You worry me Mike... please report to the admin section every day so I know you're still alive...
You and me together in the back room at the same time? Are you sure what you know you're letting yourself in for, Punky?
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See! That stuff is already getting to you... you're just supposed to leave me a message (and some cake) there, I'll be around doing my spring cleaning Emotion: stick out tongue
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