This is not really a question about English. It is about a leg that seems to be turning steadily more blue.
I crashed my bicycle just over a week ago, and since then my lower left leg has been progressively turning blue! Not the whole leg, just from the knee down, and really only abour 20% of it. What puzzles me is that there is bruising (discolouration) in areas that I didn't even think had been hurt. The joints work fine, so I don't believe there is any bone damage. It doesn't really even hurt very much!
Someone told me that cold weather injuries can sometimes turn out this way... but I have had many many many many crashes over the years, and never have I seen anything quite like this.
As I said, the pain is minimal, so I am not exceptionally worried, but it is rather intreaguing, nevertheless. I have been shovelling a lot of snow in these freezing conditions, so I guess that may have in some way contributed.
The only thing I can guess it that the impact with the ground caused some type of trauma through the entire lower leg, and that the very cold conditions have compounded this.
As I said the leg works fine, and it doesn't even hurt much.
I really really dislike going to doctors. My plan is to give it two or three more days, and if the discolouration continues to increase, then I will seek medical advice.

What do you think?
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See a doctor, Mike. Then get a car.
I should add that I have also been wearing two and sometimes three pairs of socks at a time, which may or may not have restricted blood flow. There is considerable swelling above the sock line.

Wow! Now two of my toes have also turned blue! This is amazing!
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With all due respect, Mr M, I was rather hoping for advice of a more medical nature.
Thanks anyway :-)
UPDATE 1300 hours

The other two legs are still on the lesser cyan side, which I guess is good.
Well, for heaven's sake-- no one you know here is even a candystriper... except for Marius. Why don't you log in [url= ]HERE, FOR INSTANCE[/url] before your toes fall off?
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Too late! The toes have not only turned blue, but have spontaneously combusted!

Thanks again for your well meant, I'm sure, recommendations, but I am still preferring the advice of someone better versed in musclage than verbage.

(the toes didn't really combust, It was something I think I saw once on Father Ted)

Now my head seems to be turning blue! Oh, no it's not... I forgot to take my sunglasses off.
This is not a medical forum Emotion: geeked

It seems you have bruised your leg badly. Use Arnica on it.
Thanks, Feebs.
I'll go see what I can find at the pharmacy.

Oh, and of course you are right about this not being a medical forum. I will move the thread to a more suitable section.
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