My buddy Snood

The dog I had was so good

He was always in the mood

For a run into the woods

Where we had a lot of food

What a lovely brotherhood!

What a lovely childhood

We are Snood and Robin Hood

Then the fate was so rude

One day, we were in the woods

There, a rattlesnake stood

With two fangs she bit my Snood

And he went away *for good. (*forever)

That text above reminds me my little sister’s little dog.

My little sister's little dog.

It was in the afternoon, and my sister, my mother and I were going to buy some food at the supermarket. At that time my little sister was 8 years old and I was 20. We went to the garage to take the car out. We always were careful about my little sister's dog, because he always followed our steps everywhere we went. We always looked around and under the car to verify if the little dog wasn’t there, if he was, my sister took him into a safe place. But that day, I’m not sure why, my sister thought he was safe in his dog-collar in his little corner. We all got into the car. Unfortunately I was the driver. I put the car in reverse. After backing the car out we looked and saw the poor little shaggy dog's head totally compressed. His legs continued to move for a few seconds, then stopped. I thought I would have a heart attack. My sister started to cry a lot and didn’t stop all the way toward the supermarket. My mother was very sad too. That day was terrible for all of us.

Emotion: crying

Emotion: crying

Emotion: crying
That's so sad, Matress! Emotion: crying

Poor doggy Emotion: crying
That's so sad, Matress! Emotion: crying

Poor doggy Emotion: crying

Thanks for your empathy!!!

Emotion: dog Emotion: dog Emotion: dog Emotion: dog Emotion: dog
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i m just soo sorryEmotion: crying
Oh, I'm so sorry Matress. Emotion: sad

hey Jacopo i believe that u r the most sorry...Emotion: sad
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Do you? May I know why?

your little doggyEmotion: crying

i'm sorry to hear that .... it's a sad moment .... i hope ur little sister is ok now Emotion: big smile

broken heart[W]
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