Can you please explain "won't mind"?

Oh, Frosty, you just can't melt! Oh, Karen, don't you get all slushy too. What is it, Hocus? Out the window? A refrigerated boxcar on a train headed north. You'll be safe there, Frosty! Come on! It's full of ice cream and frozen Christmas cakes. What a neat way to travel! [Whistle blows] Hurry up, Frosty, the train is pulling out! Are you coming to the north pole, too? I'm sure my mom won't mind, as long as I'm home in time for supper. [Whistle blows]

Tara2Can you please explain "won't mind"?

won't object, won't care

In my understanding, It means you believe that your mom will allow you to go there as long as you are going to get home in time. She will be OK with that idea.

Won't mind: will allow, will agree, will accept.