Close your eyes
Feel how weak you are
How lonely you are and longing for …
For support, for that hug
Imagine yourself without that warm feeling
Without heart, without love
Could you live without your soul?
What it means to have a heart as hard as stone
There is no breath; you are starving for that feeling
It makes you feel that you are secure
Safe and gives you great power to fight life
That feeling, touch, hug comes from one person
Do you know whom?
Your mother!
That warm word, that warm feeling comes continuously
That word makes your heart beat again
Your mother will return your soul to your dead body
Your mother will bring you from your fantasy to a real and nice world
Therefore, it is important to say thank God for this great gift
No one can survive without his mother’s feelings, care, and love
For me, my mother my soul and I cannot live without her forever
Hi....Are you silentwar who is one of my friend? I find your poem here. I'm so suprised.

You seem to be a romantic man. But why do you choose the army? Is it suitable to u?

I like your poem, especially the last two sentences . And I love Mum.
By the way, can you teach me how to compose poem ? Thanks.
PS: You can send it when you reply me ( at the topic: ......sadness. ) . Thanks a lot.
Well for me I lived without my mother. But not by my choice. But because my parents did not see eye to eye on their situation. It was hard only having one but I did survive. But I think for me the hardest thing to find out, I tryed to find her after my fathers passing, but she has already passed away. Somethings I will never know perhaps. But life goes on,,,, I am a better person for however it turned out. And to me, my father was great, the best. I do know he gave his all, and to 5 of us. I will never forget him. He is always with me.
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silentwarClose your eyes

I closed my eyes and couldn't read the rest of the poem.