I always feel uneasy when using "never" because I know that I will somehow make some grammatical mistakes. Till now, I'm still not so sure how it works.

I thought that we always have to use it this way:

-He has never seen the show.

-I have never read that book.

But then I have been hearing people say...

-He never goes out.

-He never studies for tests.

My confusion is aren't we supposed to use past tense after NEVER?

Please explain the usuage of "never" and give me some possible sample sentences of the conditions when it is used differently.

Thankyou in advance -_-
Hello, Teers,

Your way of using "never" is quite correct, but so is the other. Emotion: smile In fact, you can use "never" with any tense:

- He never goes out after dark. (here the present tense expresses a habit)

- He had never seen such a beautiful girl.(until the moment he saw her)

- I'll never get married!

etc etc...
Pieanne- I'll never get married!
I'll never get married, for I have already a nice husband. Emotion: smile

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Do you really, Paco? Emotion: smile
Thanks alot, but I still have one doubt.

Is this correct?

"I never saw this movie."

shouldn't it be: "I have never seen this movie" ??


"He never saw me."

or "He had never seen his brother ever before."
I can never get married, because I have already a husband-like old wife. Emotion: smile

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"I never saw this movie." It's correct in a specific context: "I never saw the movie when I was in London"; now you may have seen it somewhere else.

shouldn't it be: "I have never seen this movie" ?? here it means "so far"

"He never saw me." again in a context: "He said he was at the party too, but he never saw me (there)"

or "He had never seen his brother ever before." No. It's either "he had never seen his brother before" or "he hadn't ever seen etc..."
Lol, Paco! Emotion: smile