I'm glad to introduce you my new puppy: Dado IV (yep my dogs have all the same name, only the number changes, just like a dinasty of kings )
He is 2 months old and has just arrived home; this is his first pic! Emotion: smile

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Take more photos with your new puppy. Emotion: smile I hope this one will not climb roofs.
No no I changed my mind. He should climb roofs too.
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hehe Emotion: big smile let's see, I can't tell because I don't know him that much yet!
Welcome to your new home, Dado! I hope you bring your new family a lot of joy!
Hi Francesca
Your puppy is a natural. He already knows how to pose for photographers even though he is only two months old.
Cheers, CB
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Good catch CB! I didn't realize it before. What a good pose it is! Huh.
Oh my, he's so sweet! LOL, another Dado? You're like me... I think I've always called my cats the same way. Emotion: big smile He's goona be the new boss then... Dado Fourth!
CB, I think I should start a business selling postcards of his Emotion: stick out tongue

Kooyeen, lol, I thought we were the only one family to do that, glad we're not the only ones Emotion: big smile
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