Hi EFers. This is my self portrait..
Hi, TS! Good to see you! Emotion: smile Enjoy the forum!
Thanks Ruslana.

You have a very nice name and avatar as well.

If you feel like watching some photo shoots by me, you can click it HERE!

" ) cheers
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Great photos, Tizry!
Thanks Annvan!
Welcome to the EF Tizry! Emotion: smile

Nice to see you here...Malaysia was my dream country as a kid...I was telling everyone I would go there someday....I guess nature and lively cities do not mingle anywhere as good as they do in Malaysia...Am I right?

See you,

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Hi Hena. Thanks.

I feel honoured for your greeting and your interest to come to my country. I stay about 20km from the Kuala Lumpur city. Indeed, what you say is true and the best thing I can say for now is seeing is believing. Meantime, we are going to celebrate our Aidilfitri Celebration very soon. I will be on holiday and will be going back to my hometown until 31st October 2006.

See you soon!

Hiya Tizry.
Very pleased to meet you, and I hope you'll keep on posting new photos in this gallery that you've started putting together. These are great shots and I'm glad I got to know Malaysia better thru them.
Enjoy the A'id El Fitr celebration !
Hi Waiti.. Thanks!

I wish you are here so that you can experience yourself the Aidilfitri Celebration closely. It is so cheerful! Especially for the meals, which are only prepared during the celebration, once a year.

So, do you have any intention to come to Malaysia soon? Instead of experiencing tropical climates, it is always the foods that you must taste.


Tizry Syahnon
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