Hi everybody, my name's Enrica and I'm from Malta. I thought this was a pretty photo so I decided to share it with all of you. My boyfriend and I walked around Buskett Gardens taking photos that day, but this is the only one I've got on my PC right now.

(missing image)
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Welcome to the photo section! Nice photo.
Thanks ElenaEmotion: smile Glad you like it.
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That is such a good photo.
I love forests and old walkways with stones that would tell many stories if they could.
Any idea about how old that arch (bridge?) is?
Woodward, I think it's an aqueduct, and no, I have no idea how old it is. I looked up information on this place online, but this is all I could find:

The Buskett Gardens are located in a fertile valley located to the south of Rabat and just east of Dingli. The gardens are at their best in the Spring but they offer shade from the harsh mid-summer sun and offer a quite place for a walk in the Winter months. Verdala Palace is located on the edge of the Gardens.

The gardens get their name from the Italian word "Boschetto" - meaning "grove". Many different trees, including fruit-bearing ones, and shrubs grow in the gardens. This is one of the greenest areas in Malta. Indigenous forests once covered Malta, but trees were cut down for shipbuilding in the era when galleons plied the Mediterranean waters. Perhaps the Buskett Gardens offer a glimpse of what Malta looked like in those days.

The gardens are very popular with Maltese people. People often visit them to go for walks in their peaceful settings,and to enjoy picnics in the shade of the trees. The gardens are also the site of the popular feast of Imnarja (the feast of St. Peter and St. Paul), which is celebrated on June 28th and 29th. Hundreds of people flock to the gardens to eat the traditional Maltese dish of Rabbit Stew cooked in wine, and to listen to traditional folk music and singing. Many people stay overnight, although not too much sleep can be had in the festive atmosphere! The morning after the Imnarja festivities, there is usually an agricultural show where farmers and gardeners exhibit their produce, plants and flowers, and enter them in competitions.
heheheh, you like the photo you say? Well thanksEmotion: smile
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LOL! Do you have any plans for autographed limited editions?Emotion: wink

(By the way - thanks for the info Henrietta)
Do you have a real video that shows us what you have previously described? It would be a lot of fun to watch it! Emotion: smile
No problem Woodward. Hehe actually we've got just a few prints left, only autographed by El Hefe' though, mine sold out ages ago (just joking Hef Emotion: stick out tongue ... ***). God my jokes get worse as I get older. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?!
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