Which is more formal to reply to 'thank you', Is it 'you re welcome' or 'my pleasure'?
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It is too rude to post here Maj, but if you send me an email I will tell you Emotion: smile
Well done BTW
Hey, Mike do you have a mic. I'd love to hear you say that in your Australian accent! Has it become a little Japanised?
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Emotion: smile Na, not at all Maj. Actually I try so hard to speak with a neutral accent that when I last spoke to my brother in Aussie he told me I sounded like a Pommie ('strine' for an Englishman)!!!
Re mic. Yes I do, but it is time for me to go eat beer and drink dinner now. Trying to talk into a mic. while I do all that could be really messy - your speakers (or headset) could get clogged up.
Another time Maj Emotion: smile
Ok. then. I must say you sound a little nervous. "eat beer and drink dinner". Are you having chicken tonight? Emotion: crying
Hi guys...

Mikes question brought a smile to my face for reasons that perhaps only Aussies could understand. BTW Maj - Mike was using in the question in the formal sense; Australians are always polite and well spoken... you ask Mike Emotion: wink

I am in the Middle East, in a country that has been in the news lately. Can't really say much more that...

Mike means when he is going to eat beer, he actually means a dogs body with dead horse Emotion: smile That can be a new thread, trying to work out what that means.

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Cheers Timbo. I trust Ample Amber is with you.
Aussies polite and well spoked? Kinoath!!!!
Well I'm an Aussie but I still don't understand half of what you guys have written. I guess I'm just not ocker enoughEmotion: wink. But like Maj said perhaps I'd understand it if I heard it spoken. At the moment I'm starting to read English in a Japanese way so everything is screwed up.
my pleasure.
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Another alterntive is not to reply at all to 'Thank you', except possibly with a very slight smile. Emotion: smile

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