Which is more formal to reply to 'thank you', Is it 'you re welcome' or 'my pleasure'?
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@ timbo : highly enlightening
HelloEmotion: it wasnt me, 'my pleasure'.... I guessEmotion: wink
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Clive Hi,Another alterntive is not to reply at all to 'Thank you', except possibly with a very slight smile. Clive
Can't one say in response:"Thank YOU" ?
Yes, but it is more suitable in a situation where each person has helped the other in some way.

The appropriate response to, "thank you," is, "you're welcome."

Blog entries abound with diatribes deriding any other response, including, "my pleasure," and the especially grating, "no problem."

As with most things, it's best to keep it simple -- when someone tells you, thank you, respond with, you're welcome -- combined with a genuine smile, you'll be golden.

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As I said, often no response at all is necessary.
Much depends on the circumstances.

Thank you josh, is it josh my pleasure? Josh thanks