Which is more formal to reply to 'thank you', Is it 'you re welcome' or 'my pleasure'?
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The way some people say "my pleasure" when the interviews is over is more formal.
Maj is right, although she confined it to interviews.

In normal business dealings, you would normally answer 'your welcome' if you are the leading party, like in the example of Maj. If the interviewer said to you 'thank you for coming', you would respond by saying 'my pleasure', it would be a little presumptuous to say 'your welcome'.
However if you as the one being interview proactively said 'thank you for the invitation..' it would be appropriate for them to say 'your welcome'. Saying 'my pleasure' would also be acceptable.

This is more to do with etiquette, than correct grammar.

In an informal situation, an Australian would reply to 'thank you' with 'no worries mate'..... (thats for you Mike in Japan Emotion: wink

Hope this helps.
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Timbo, that's a brilliant explanation ! You know that foreign students may sound rude or confusing because they are not using proper rules as far as etiquette is concerned. Maybe we could have a thread on that. Hitch what do you think?
Thanks for your answers, they are really helpful!
Thanks Timbo Emotion: smile
By the way, wearthepharkahya?
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Is that supposed to be formal or informal?
Neither Maj, it is 'strine'
.... go on .... ask!!!
Australian English! hehe. Would you be so kind as to let us know what it means?
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