I' m a Chinese student, I will achieve a master degree in march next year.

It's the time to look for a application of job, but my oral english is very poor. How can i improve it as fast as i can?

Somebody HELP me.
Hello, Alexzhang, welcome to the English Forums!

You could have a look at this thread, it'll get you started... Good luck! how to easily improve my english speaking

I think English speaking is the common question faced by Chinese people. My classmate and colleague all meet the trouble, so i can not find the environment to speak English.

Your advice sounds good, but the real problem is no one is stick-to-itive, especailly the English native. How can i do? Actually, i do need those software mentioned in that message. ha ha....
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I am a chinese student like yours ,Do you publish some SCI or EI papers in english language,my friend
To xinhuce,

None. i have some Chinese papers published. but English is really the big problem to me.

So i need help to improve my English immediately, then i can publish SCI or EI papers in English.

How about you?
Well, you coud rent DVDs and listen to them in English, learn English songs by heart andphonetically and practise singing them aloud. There are books recorded on DVDs; you could buy one, then buy the book too, and record yourself reading passages, then compare and correct... (For a start Emotion: smile )
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Google: English language learning tapes
You will find lots of possibilities.
I googled and found a great variety of materials specifically for Chinese students learning English.
No, they're not free. But then most of the time, you get what you pay for. If you really want to improve your spoken English, you have to "put your money where your mouth is" and then "put your mouth where your money is" Emotion: smile, and repeat, repeat, repeat after the taped sounds.
Unforturnately, by waiting until it is time to apply for a job you've waited too long. Speaking skills should have been part of your English courses from the very beginning. Still, you may be able to make some dramatic improvements if you are very dedicated to the task.