Hi, my name is Pua. This is my second story-summary named Alice in Wonderland. I wrote it by my own words. If you are available, can you get through of them and leave your comments in term of my vocabularies usage, agreements, sentences construction.... Your remarks will be much appreciated. I hope that you will enjoy my story-summary reading.

Second Chapter
Just then, Alice saw a little glass box under the table. There was a cake inside the box and the words EAT ME on it. Alice thought that it was another magical thing to cheer her up. She ate the cake like a starving wolf. To her disappointed, she stayed at the same size.

Just a few minutes later, a magic was showing. Alice felt her neck became taller. She was too big and her head was hitting the ceiling. Alice tried her luck to enter the garden through the door. But, the door was too small for Alice to go in. Her tears were come to her eyes immediately. Her tears were very big it could make a big pool.

A short time later, there was someone running towards her. It was white rabbit. He looked very elegant. He had white gloves in his both hands and a fan in his left hand. Alice took an opportunity to ask for help. The rabbit was very frightened of seeing her. He ran away extremely fast than he had ever ran in his life that his gloves and his fan were dropped on the ground.

In the hall, there was very hot. So, Alice took them up and began to fan herself. "How strange it is, there are the rabbit's gloves, Alice is wearing it," thought Alice curiously. Her size was changing smaller again.

This time, Alice splashed into a big pool. "Am I in a sea?" wondered Alice. Actually, it was a pool of Alice's tears. She was trying very hard to find the way out of the pool. In the pool, she saw many odd little animals such as a dodo, a mouse, a small eagle, a parrot and so on. In fact, the all animals in the wonderland had total competence in swimming. You can imagine, how interesting the things can be if you could witness it.
to my mind you wrote a excellent summary for this chapter. keep on writing like this
Extremely well written. I enjoyed reading it.