Hello everyone!
So I had to write a short story beginning with words "I was planning to give my friend a surprise."

Christmas story

I was planning to give my friend a surprise. Because Steve and I studied at different universities, we hadn’t seen each other for almost half a year and were longing to meet each other. So I had decided to test whether the time had affected his hot-blooded temper.

Since I knew his favorite department store in the town, I had decided to get on his nerves there. It was a Christmas break and no other character could make a cosier aura than Santa Claus. Of course, I was the one who played the Santa’s part.

As Steve and his girlfriend Sue entered the store, I stood out of the crowd and called “Ho, ho, ho! I see a beautiful couple waiting to be beatified! Let me cheer you!” As soon as they smilingly approached me, I suddenly snatched Sue’s handbag and ran away screaming “You’re happy now! This will be donated to charity!”
Steve exploded like a snappish dog as he started chasing me. Since he was a decent runner and I had to carry the ridiculous Santa’s costume, he caught me in a wink. As a result of our collision, we both hit the ground. Before Steve punched me in a face, he recognized my smile.

Any feedback appreciated.
It's a nice story and I didn't find any spelling mistake. I would put another title if you have the ability. The rest is fine. I'm bad in grammar so don't ask me about!
ok, I could name it "act of charity" or "neural test"
any other ideas?

thanks anyway
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In my opinion it would be better!

You are welcome!