First of all , I don't know if this is the right section to write my sad story
Well my story started when I first time met a swedish mate in a class in the college .
She was fine , beautiful , tall , smart and kind .
I wasn't go to the class every week because it was hard for me to do more subjects . So after some week I decided to not going to the class agian .
After two months , I've changed my accommodation to one of the halls of residence , and she was living there , so I met her again .
I am always shame , so first 3 months I don't speak with her , but I was love her . Then I decided to speak to her to be friends , so I done .
But until she go back home yesterday , I was trying to told her to come out with me for a dinner or anything , but I shame , so everytime I decide to say , I cancel.
I'm alone now , and I don't know if I'll meet her again because she finished her studying her and will not come back !!

I miss you a lot.
Too bad, Scot. Not a story, really-- but it makes a nice diary entry.
Dear Scot,

I'm sad to read this but you should brave to tell her your feeling towards her! Since you like the gals, you cannot be so timid.
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thank you very much for your reply ,
ye I was shame , but it was because I don't know her feeling about me , and already I don't know if she has boyfriend in her country or no .
but what to do now , I'm trying these days to get her email and I don't know if I'll find it or no .
Write her a letter. Write her name & college address on the envelope. Post it. The college will pass it on.