ASSALAMUALAIKUM and a very good morning to non muslim.Today I want to tell u about my mother.I will tell u about my mother.First of all,let me introduce myself.My name is Nur Fadhliah Bt Mohd Yusoff.I'm a muslim.I live in a small state in Malaysia named Kelantan.I came from a big family consist of my parents and 9 siblings including me.Here, I want to describe my mother to u.My father passed away almost 6 years ago by his first heart attack.Since that,my mother supported us 9 siblings by herself.My mother has a short,black hair(now she has a little bit grey hair).She has nearly round face because she's chubby(but I'm chubbier than her).She has a pair of bright eyes,big nose and sweet lips.She's always smiling.She's fat but I'm fatter than her(maybe because of I eat a lot than her).She works as a formal clerk at town council in my state.She will do any jobs that can brings her money to feed me and my siblings.I really love my mother.When my oldest brother finished his high school,he seems influenced by his friends.He started taking drugs and most I hate about him for making my mum very hurt is he slept with his girlfriend and she pregnant.My mother was crying and that was the first time ever in my life I saw my mother cried after my father died.My brother have to marry faster to hide the truth from villagers and MY MOTHER has to find the money immediately for him to get married.He took the money with no doubt and no feeling of guilty.Since that,I told myself that I will make my mother happy and proud with me.So,after finished secondary school,I decided to further my study.Then,here I am,taking TESL in KUSZA(SULTAN ZAINAL ABIDIN ISLAMIC COLLEGE) in my state's neighbour,Terengganu.I've been here for almost a year and there's 2 years more to go.I'll make my mother proud of me.PRAY FOR MY SUCCESS.
Is it a true story? I'm so sorry for you..

Same with you, I'll make my mother proud of me.

I'll pray for your success.

Just believe me my sis.. I love you. Emotion: stick out tongue

Your sweety, izzss![8]
You are fighter girl

I wish U success that u want everthing.

Fight Fight