- When you want to invite someone to eat something, you will say "My treat!". When I want to invite someone to go out for coffee or go to the movies, can I use this, too?

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Nice clips.
I'm from Viet Nam, i don't know national culture of English,
I think that you can.
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"My treat" means I am inviting someone/friends for movies/lunch/dinner/coffee/etc, and I'll pay for his/her/their share.

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To put in right words, you can use the word "offer" for ex: "I'd like to offer you a coffee" and or "I'd be delighted if you could take my coffee offer" or "Would you consider a day out with me for a movie offer"...

hope these suggestions help you.

"You can offer to treat anybody to anything.. food, date etc.., here's a clip of celebrities using the term in American movies:
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