My True Friend “ Berkeley”

Goodbye good friend , the special love I have for you is now a yawning void never to be refilled in this lifetime. It is said dogs are devoid of spirituality and are endowed only with instinct. I question this , for the many times we have looked into the other’s eyes I have felt a bond so great that I am convinced you were penetrating the very depths of my soul.
Your ability to sense my low moods and to offer your chair side comfort has, I’m certain, lowered my blood pressure and lengthened my stay on this planet.
Thanks for the memories!!!
Is this a true story?

Well written.
Yes Nona, it’s all too true. How fervently I wish it were just a product of my imagination and I could erase it from my mind. The spiritual bond between Berkeley and me defies all logic. I often felt she was privy to my innermost thoughts. Without question, she knew when the end was near for she was at my side constantly.
November of 2002 I was advised to euthanize her because of kidney failure. Extensive research revealed a program that could possibly offer her several years of quality life. This required three treatments a week, and frequent testing. A year later she developed an aggressive tissue cancer which usually proves fatal in two to six months. That was nearly two years ago!!
During this period she was pain free, happy, and enjoying a variety of culinary delights. One of the lab. technicians once said, “When I die , I want to come back as your dog.”
Thanks for your interest – forgive my lengthy reply.