Hello, I'm JBen, a biology french student...

I would help for you, because I done a blood alcohol level simulator (very difficult to do this, I worked a long time)... And after for this simulator I done a French website... and now I do the English skin of the same website.

And I translated all text of my website (not a lot, links, and button principally). And this website is for English and US people, and I don't want do mistake in my English.

Could you watch my website and answers in this topic for explain my mistakes of translation if you see mistakes...

The URL of the beta website:

Thank you very much.

Sorry, I didn't log in me...

Hey, Anon/JBen, it's a good idea, but a tall order...

This is a easy software for make blood alcohol level simulation.this is an easy blood alcohol level test simulation software.
Get the form (on )by clicking on "Begin a simulation" and enter line after line all drinks... After you have you blood alcohol level graphic,Then,you get your blood alcohol level graphic (X-axis: grams per litre of blood, Y-axis: hour).
A red line represents the law's limit for dirving safe driving (0.5 g/L of blood)
You can see in the graphic when and how your maximum of your blood alcohol level your maximum alcohol blood level is .

You can help this website with a click in advertisment in the bottom of the page

This needs to be re-written. Could you please register, and then post?
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Oh, I see you've registered...
Hey, Anon/JBen, it's a good idea, but a tall order...
I'm agree, but I love this!!!

I modify all sententence that you said... Thank you very much!

Is this sentence better?
"A click in advertissment in page bottom help the webmaster for devellop the website"

Could you move in the website for see other mistakes?

My corrections were just a beginning...

Now " a click ON the ADVERTISEMENT AT the BOTTOM OF THE PAGE WILL help the webmaster DEVELOP the website"
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Thank you very much, I modified this sentence.
And I coded a automatic selection, for exemple a french or another people who have a broswer in french have the website in french, the other in english:

Automatic selection: http://www.lyceenm.tonsite.biz/alc /
Always English: http://www.lyceenm.tonsite.biz/alc/?lg=en
Always French: http://www.lyceenm.tonsite.biz/alc/?lg=fr

Could english people see my site by automatic selection and say the language that the automatic selection selected...