I don't understant that conversation:

-What says Christmas better than a mall?

-My very words, ye merry gentlemen
my very words.


- In our commercialized society, shopping malls are the very representation of Xmas; nothing says Xmas better today than a decked out shopping mall.

- I could not have said it better. Those are the very words I would have used, all you merry (with the Xmas spirit) gentlemen.

There is an English Christmas carol dating back at least to the 18th century..

God rest you merry, gentlemen

Let nothing you dismay,

For Jesus Christ our Saviour

Was born upon this day..

Strictly speaking, "rest you merry" is a verb phrase meaning something like "May you enjoy yourselves merrily". But nowadays, "you merry gentlemen" is just a humorous way of referring to merry gentlemen at Christmas time

Best regards - and may you rest merry - Dave
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-What says Christmas better than a mall?

What [represents / brings to mind] Christmas better than a (shopping) mall?

(Nothing makes you think of Christmas better than a mall. A mall is the best possible symbol of Christmas.)


-What says Istanbul better than Hagia Sofia?

-What says Paris better than the Eiffel Tower?

-What says China better than the Great Wall?

thanks both of you..