December 21, 2002. About 6:40 to 6:50 PM. Just few minutes after I clocked-in at work, I received a phone call from my husband. At the other line I heard him said, "Honey you need to go back home to the Philippines." I knew then that something is wrong. I just don't know what it was. While I was driving home from work, I was telling myself that everything is going to be okay. I have this little thing playing in my mind that I'm going to leave my mother with my cousin's care just in case something happen to my father. He had two major operations: one in 1995 on his thyroid, and in 2000 on his prostrate cancer and hernia. I thought that my husband meant it was his disease and he is in trouble that I need to be going back home.
At home, my husband was waiting for me at the garage. I can’t believe what I heard from him. My parents are gone. They were murdered! Back home at my parents’ house, I saw two caskets lying side by side and my parents were in it. On December 25, we were supposed to be celebrating my father’s birthday. Instead of celebrating his birthday, I was crying because I did not even got to say goodbye to them. All my dreams for them are gone, shattered! We built this house that we are at now because of them, but they never got to see the picture of it. They never even got to see my own new family.
Now, it's been almost a year and the case against the murderers: one of my cousin’s son and his friend is going to have a hearing at last for the first time on November 7. I just hope that the Philippine government will not allow any murderers or criminals to get away from their crimes.
Ohhhhhhhh!! i'm really really sorry 4 that.It really is a sad story. Emotion: sad
That's really sad.
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Hi : leah, please forgive me, now i know for everything you are going throught. i'm apologize. i'm so sorry!! i'm very sad. i'm hope that God alway be with you and your family.