Hi,everyone,I'm an English-studying rookie who must take IELTS test recently.Here are pieces of writing practise task and my answers. Would you be kind enough to modify my writing to make them more accurate ,real,creative and idiomatic.Don't hesitate to erase or cross out words.I would appreciate it if you can help me .Thanks,Thanks a lot.

TASK:Although you have never studied computing,you have always been interested in computer-you buy magazines about them,and you have taugh yourself many skills on your computer at home.You have just read about a computer course that really interest you,but it is only for people who have studied computing at college or university.
Write a letter to the Enrolment officer asking if you can enrol,explaining your circumstances and asking if he/she will make a special exception for you.

Dear Sir/Madam.
I am a computer amateur who have been interested in that for a long time.I am writing to enquire that whether you can make a special exception to accept me.
Nowadays, I read on newspaper that you will hold a computer course,that excited my high attention.I think this is a huge opportunity and challenge for me who have never studied computer at college or university.I just like it ,and do my best to study it every chance I get by purchasing newspapers and magazines,surfing internet on my computer at home.Nevertheless, having some more professional course is essential for me to improve my computer knowledge.Would you be kind enough to give me a special exception and enrol me as a member of your course.
Thank you for your attention to this matter .I look forward to your response.

Steven Freeman
I think your letter lacks examples of your computer literacy. Mention something about computer programming (e.g., what computer languages do you know: C, Fortran, Java, Pascal, to name a few), web page design (your sample home page), and what web-related tasks you know. Since this is a make-believe letter, you could also mention that you worked part time as a computer programmer/web page designer.

Thank you,thank you so much.
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