How can you have expectations to help, and not get the full story or the right info. Whether it's helping others or just helping myself, why would I be the one to be in the dark. One would think that: oh geez he needs help, or he would be a great help, either or, would be privileged enough to get the whole story. Or is he the story? What gives? Thought of the day: If I were him or her, would I be informed enough to make a difference! And are you understanding me, or is it me your trying to understand?


It sounds like you're trying to do mystical stream-of-consciousness. Not bad. Such writing is like poetry in that in order to do it right you usually have to abandon conventional grammar, punctuation, and even logic. You put yourself out on that limb all alone. With that in mind, the only things that I would change are what look like mistakes:

why would I be the one to be in the dark?

oh jeez ("geez" is perhaps not wrong, but it is inferior because it looks like the "g" should be pronounced hard)

is it me you're trying to understand?