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its good but you may start as if you are writing in a diary or telling somebody about yourself and you may add your physical appearance, hobbies etc but still its goodEmotion: big smile bye
I guess your essay is good but you have to practice more
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That a good and look at your young age and u are married so how many kids do u have now and how big is the husband coost so becareful don't marry at young age????
Thanks for essay . It helps me alotEmotion: winkEmotion: yes
woow l like it
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Emotion: moviemyself is myself mmmm
Emotion: zip it i m speech less
Thx for making this essay and the other that give some advice it was very helpful because in school we will make 3 paragraph essay about myself so i needed some guidelines thanks for making this essay and for the advice. Emotion: yes
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hi.. I really like your writing.. I wanna know how to write an essay on entering a pageant.. They demanded no more than 100 words.. Thank you.. Emotion: happyEmotion: smile
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