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Hello.I'm a new joiner and I want  you to help me write an example essay for me about your self.I have to write an essay so I can read it in a speaking contest at my school . I really don't want to roll in but everyone ecept teachers have to perform in that contest.Thank you very mmmmmmuuuuccccchhhh
file cpu 844 I want you to help me write an example essay for me about your self.

"Want" is rude. "Yourself" is one word.

Why would you want a bio of one of the teachers here?

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Hello I'm tanka rai im From india /Nepal. My born was in 24 Dec 1994. And I'm 22 years old . I have joint the Indian army in 28 June 2014 and passing out in 28 July 2015. Then my first posting in 2/11 GR.

Thank You this is Help a great And Its a good wonderful essay

Hi, IT helles ME a Lot and iam a Karate playet
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I love your essay. I think it’s extremely good!!

I found a very good essay on myself.

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Funny boy
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