Ravi and Raju are friends.One night Ravi goes out to a walk with Raju.it was 12.00pm. The climate was chill. Ravi could probably see only the face of raju. At 12.05pm a lorry and a car passed by . At 12.10pm ravi found raju dead!!!. How did he die?
-AZAR(email removed)
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He died rolled by the car
Or perhaps rolled by the lorry!
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no not a all
try hard for the simple answer
even more simple than the previous 2??????
Hai Guest,

I can't guess the answer which is simpler then my previous one.

Just you've got to reveal the answer right now. Or give some clues!!!!!!!!!
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he was drown in the drain
It cant be 12:00P.M. and night so It must be 12:00A.M. so the Question is itself wrong...
you got it. 12.00pm is mid day. so the question goes wrong
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