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wow,wow..........i can't believe my eye.it's soooooooo....wonderful.

I am very proud of be a chinese, i am very proud of seeing the national flat in there in here.Mr.luyi28, you're really strong man.Emotion: smile


I am so proud of be a chinese.

couldn't the man only wear a red t-shirt in the ice-world feel cold?

same feeling

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hi,Luyi28 .wow,awesome!!!! these pictures are very beautiful.i envy you experience something amazing that i never encounter before.
Wow, how did your car and cameras stand the weather?

And how did you take those amazing pictures of aurora borealis? Objects of very different brightnesses are neither under- nor overexposed. Snow and stars on seen simultaneously! Was it some kind of HDR-photografy? I conclude so from that half-transparent man on the first aurora picture.
Good job! You action makes people of other countries know more about China and Chinese!

And the pics are very beautiful, if having such a chance, I 'll have a try like you!
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