How do you form the possessive of those names ending with 's'?

Jones's friends or Jones' friends?
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You just omit the final 's' i.e. you write just the apostrophe (') like in Jones'
Hello, maverick

The book said Jones's friends and Thomas's diary but Adams' book. I thought I can just ignore the apostrophy 's' too. Pourquoi?
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Hello, Pastel!

The family names ending in -s take 's in the possessive case like all the others. "Mrs Jones's house", etc...(they're always accompanied by Mr, Mrs, Ms or Miss, or by the christian name). However, in the case of famous names, the 's can be omitted: "C. Dickens' novels", "Jesus' life", etc...
William is also a family name. And the book said

1-Mr. Williams' house

2-Mr. Adams' freinds

3-Mr. Hopkins' reply

but then

1-Mr. James's help

2-Mr. Jones's mistake

3-Mr. Thomas's diary

It says that for one syllable name, if adding 's' to its end doesn't make pronunciation more difficult, then apply apostrophy 's'. If the name consists of more than two syllables, then omit the possessive case, just add a little whisker to its top right.

It just doesn't make sense to me.

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Well, "Thomas" is 2 syllables...

I don't know, I just checked the rule in my book too. But it must be older than yours.

Bonne nuit, Pastel! Mais attention: pas de point après "Mr" - ni Mrs ou Ms non plus, d'ailleurs! - Emotion: smile
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Both ways are okay, but consistency is key.
These all seem fine to me:

1-Mr. Williams' house (of Mr Williams)

2-Mr. Adams' friends (of Mr Adams)

3-Mr. Hopkins' reply (of Mr Hopkins)

1-Mr. James's help (of Mr James)

2-Mr. Jones's mistake (of Mr Jones)

3-Mr. Thomas's diary (of Mr Thomas)

Maybe we say Mr Thomas's because we say Thomas's.

Or perhaps it's related to different kinds of S termination in surnames. I don't know much about surnames, but it seems to me that whereas the S in Thomas is integral, the S in the first three examples might have originally been inflective.

PieanneBonne nuit, Pastel! Mais attention: pas de point après "Mr" - ni Mrs ou Ms non plus, d'ailleurs! - Emotion: smile

D'accord! Mais il est British English. Pas de point apres Mr en francais. J'apprends le francais maintenant et le prononcer est tres different par le angails.

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