Could you please tell me names for the important parts of a gun--especially the "long rod" from which the bullet leaves?

http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&q=gun&btnG=Search+Images&gbv=2&aq=f&oq =



Is there any particular name for this gun? By the long rod, I meant this.



It's called "the barrel," whether you're speaking of a "long gun" or a pistol.
(Eg., "double-barrel shotgun.")
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Most hand guns have a trigger and a hammer, although I believe some rapid fire weapons can use the action from one discharge to fire another.
The old pistols often had a "cylinder" into which the cartridges were inserted by hand. It would automatically index with each firing to bring the next cartridge into position.
I believe most assault weapons have the cartridges in removable clips.
Hi Tom,

Avangi has already answered your question.

I only wanted to promote ([Emotion: smile])M-W visual dictionary . Have a look -- for instance -- at these entries, showing pictures of guns/pistols + labels for most of their parts.




Great tool, isn't it?
hi Tom. yes it has a name . "barrel" search it in your dictionary youl find it
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Check out this link:


The diagram is pretty helpful for listing the parts of the gun, like the barrel which is the long rod the bullet is fired from, the slide which runs along the top of the barrel housing, the grip and trigger set-up etc.
The casual peruser might at first miss (as I did) that this is "a BB-gun."

Really only good for plinking around the house/garden.

Although they're popular among LA gangbangers cruising the freeways, randomly "shooting out" people's rear windows, they're mainly just for fun.

When I was a lad, the Daisy air rifle was popular, and many of the kids had one (not I). Once in a while someone would catch a BB in the eye.

The pellet is propelled by compressed air, rather than exploding powder, so the discharge is silent.

Recently, an LA resident used one over a period of time to quiet a neighbor's dog. The dog finally died, and was found to be full of pellets.

The diagram referred to shows some components which would not be found on a "real" pistol.