Napoleon once said:" Those soldiers who are not willing to be a general are not good soldiers.
Do you agree with this opinion? why?
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Nonsense, it is a fantastic definition for a good politician, good soldiers often finish six feet under ground, if there'll be anyone to dig. Cheers
One of the greatest other rankers in the British army Sgt major Lord refused the rank of a colonel. His argument " I came up the ranks that is where I serve best." Nappy may have misfired as at Waterloo.
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hi all of you,
Sorry to come here and to tell u this: unfortunatly it seems that one of you didn't understand that Napoleon's sentence is more than what we think. In fact when you want something you can't start on the higher level, you have to learn from the bottom, and go further...
I think that this could be a lesson for some people in the world who are unable to wait things and to learn from the past. The best General was the little soldier few years ago...
I do understand Sharann but in the context of the Britsh army it is nigh impossible for an ordinary soldier to become a general. Generals usually start off as junior officers. Yes I agree a good general must have been a good officer and intelligent people do learn from the past. My joke about Nappy seems to have misfired. Wellington would probably have had a thing or two to say about his tactics. Many of us visited Saint Cyr when I was at Sandhurst. A wonderful military academy.
Or was he implying that we should concentrate on our job and not others?
Like in this case did he mean that a soldier should carry his assigned job of taking orders and not leading (which is job of General)
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Do we know the meaning of 'Bonapartism' in political jargon?
'transitional form of government between the regimes of parliamentary democracy and fascism, based on dictatorship and military force during a period when class rule is not secure. A strong government which appears to stand 'above parties' and 'above classes' due to relative equilibrium between the working class and the bourgeoisie. It is based on the military, police, and state bureaucracy rather than on parliamentary parties or a mass movement. So called after Napoleon Bonaparte, the classic example of Bourgeois Bonapartism. Stalin's totalitarian regime and others like it are classified as Proletarian Bonapartism.'
to me, what napoleon said means

"if you dont want to progress then your not gonna be trying your hardest to look like a very good soldier, in which case you arnt here for a career so why are you here? if you just want to kill things, be a butcher!"

basically, if you want to become a general then you have to work your *** off!! those are the soldiers he wants.
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