How to type a narrative letter to land a mid-level supervisor position
This site ( ) suggests:

The worst mistake you can ever make is to write a CV that shows your anxiety...
Nothing too cautious, pompous or formalised...
nor a list of unsubstantiated superlatives and objectives, nor a copy of the job description.

"Recruitment professionals live in a deluge of CVs, so many that they barely know how to cope. They have seen every error you can possibly make and if you want a witty summary of these go to the BAD CV page within CV Special."

"It is a feature of modern life that we all receive too many messages to respond to properly or even to understand fully. It follows that unless the messaging in your careers materials is superb, different, relevant and original it may end up, it will end up, being glanced at but not even read through."

(The site contains many good hints and tips!)